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AP slams police on Sandy Hook secrecy, and withholding 911 tapes

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In an unusual broadside against Connecticut police and CT state prosecutors, the world's leading news service, the Associated Press (AP,) has criticized the denial of its Freedom of Information Act requests regarding the Sandy Hook shooting.

The AP said last week:

"Newtown police denied requests by The Associated Press for 911 calls and any police reports involving Lanza or his family. State police also declined to release records, citing the pending investigation."

AP faults the police specifically for not releasing the 911 call audio and written police reports. No calls from the school to the police dispatcher have ever been heard, although many versions of police scanner activity are circulating on Youtube.

MORE http://digitaljournal.com/article/345680

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Great find, looks like the "copycat" narrative needs a little

...pumping up. The narrative Lt. Vance said was "unsubstantiated."

They are determined to flesh out the "motive" story to more firmly pin it on Lanza. Now I am more suspicious than ever.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Can't release

what you don't have.

when they don't release basic stuff

like 911 calls....there is usually a reason. Remember when Reuters wanted that video from Iraq so they could figure out how to keep their reporters from getting killed like that again? They wouldn't release that video and it took Bradley Manning to release it. My feeling is we won't see this stuff unless someone with access makes it happen.

So now the federal government is trying to make gun control and state governments already have. All is response to a shooting that they are still investigating and we don't really know what happened. Sound familiar?

Refusing to release the 9/11 calls exremely damning

...this is where we would hear "there is a man with a gun shooting" or "there are men with guns shooting." My problem has been how Lanza got off 100-150 rounds in 7 minutes all with deadly accuracy, no wounded living to tell the tale.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Yeah, the new really good fake stuff's not ready for release yet

Who knows what's true anymore.

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


Cameras caught Lanza walking

Cameras caught Lanza walking into the school...so where's the footage?

Video evidence exists, the school had surveillance cameras, but we can't see how Adam Lanza managed to smuggle in multiple weapons on his beanpole frame.

The most BASIC thing is being so overlooked it's hard to believe.

Another thing that is hard to believe is how, "Newtown," public officials are now restricting access to official death certificates under the guise of privacy.


"We’ve already discovered that Dr H Wayne Carver had bill 1054 approved in 2011 to hold back autopsy reports. This Bill gives the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner authority to prevent disclosing autopsy reports on pediatric homicides to the general public."

----------- full article linked above


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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from every thing i have seen so far

i saw not one camera on the outside of the school
but the fire station did!!
so much for hitech to protect them lil ones from harm

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

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hard to give what you

don't have to begin with

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon


for the unexpected.

i'm sure the angle just hasn't come into focus for me, yet.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
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Nagging in the back of my mind still is those guys running

...for the woods. Not just that they were running, but what were grown men doing prowling around elementary school grounds in the first place? That's a good way to get a police record.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

i meant

that the AP is pushing for truth (?)
camo man bothers me and has since he made his appearance. i didn't see the 2nd guy get apprehended. i thought he got away.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Unless You ARE One

and sent there to do a job.


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or in their case

keep from getting a police record

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

Those two men were flushed out from somewhere, either the

school or a car - that chase occurred long after the swat team pried open the shed doors because the video shows they were wide open when they ran past and into the woods. There is so much wrong with this.

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Not to mention the other men heard "coming down Crestwood"

a street which you can see on the map is on the South side of the school, opposite the woods. The officer is out of breath and you can almost see two guys running flat out the way desperate men run, and the cops snagging them. You can hear the adrenalin.


Release the Sandy Hook video.

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in an eye witness acct

she told this reporter how the car doors were all open
and the cops shut them!! all 4 doors
I do agree there is way too much wrong with that whole deal
the question i have about the ones in the woods
was one of them the out of town cop dressed in camo,or was it 2 more?

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon