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Ron Paul Calls For 'Total' Liberty; Disparages Buy And Hold

Ron Paul Calls For 'Total' Liberty; Disparages Buy And Hold

One reason that liberty has been compromised in America is because citizens compartmentalize it into different categories, like economic versus social liberty, former Congressmen Ron Paul told attendees at the Fourth Annual Innovative Retirement Strategies conference produced by Financial Advisor and Private Wealth magazines in Orlando, Fla., today.

The focus should be on total individual liberty that allows people to do what they want as long as they don't hurt others, Paul noted, adding that social and economic liberty are connected.

Paul told more than 200 financial advisors he didn't envy being in their profession, explaining that the present cycle of printing and spending money was not sustainable. Adding that he thought the day of reckoning would have already arrived for the Federal Reserve Board's easy money policy, the former congressman refused to put a date on when he thought that policy would unravel.