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A Forum For The Hero's Out There? Maybe?

I was just checking my thread about Sherry Jackson to see what people were saying and I saw a comment about Irwin Shift. I started thinking about all the people out there that have gone to jail or been alienated by tptb in the name of liberty and have had to head for the hills to keep safe. This thought lead to thinking about how a lot of people have not been acknowledged for their sacrifices or are forgotten and shouldn't be and was wondering if DP couldn't have a forum dedicated to remembering those who have given everything in the name of freedom. Bradley Manning comes to mind, Sherry Jackson is another and then there are ALL the people at wikileaks and what about Breitbart and others that have lost their lives since becoming whistleblowers? These hero's need to be front and center in our thoughts. At least I think so. Comments please? Michael, your thoughts?

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The list would be in the millions, literally

Are you Spartacus?

The 'system' intends to promote the hell out of Rand

while diminishing as much as possible the grassroots people under him. This recent upswell of energy under Rand is not to be trusted. They are trying to make us feel good and let our guard down so we can be taken down. Rand is vulnerable at this point in his position as the obvious choice for the GOP in 2016. He stands to be replaced, most likely by Walker. Rand people will be playing catch-up to Scott Walker if he remains a contender.

Why pandas? Why now?