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$40 average donation

(per msnbc report) Average donation was $40. Let's do a little math.

5,000,000 % 40 = 125,000 people

12,000,000 %125,000 people = $96 per person

and I can imagine that the number of unique donations will increase

so if everyone (who hasn't maxed out) donated $200 then we're talking 25 million dollars.......MSM really can't ignore us then

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is your source on the 40$

is your source on the 40$ the msnbc breaking news report?
the number was from the 2nd quarter iirc.

Yes - you're right. I

Yes - you're right. I mistakenly said fox. Corrected - Thanks

my point was that the

my point was that the number's probably higher for the 3rd quarter

average donation or number

average donation or number of donors??

I am pledging right now.

$250 for the good doctor this quarter.