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Is this what we're sposed to be doing instead of typing on teh Interweb?


NutnFancy from the youtube channel giving a speech of UNIFICATION at a gun rally in UTAH.

This rocked me because I never realized the internet people are real and they GO OUTSIDE!!! And participate in rallies in stuff...

Is this what we're sposed to be doing?

Or is linking Youtube videos where it's at?

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You gain what by insulting people here?

No, I am imaginary, I did not wave signs all winter and go door to door through the snow. I never go out into my community and try to teach them about liberty, or make videos about it. All I do is type, all day every day. Really not even that, I am just a program that pretends to type, I am not real at all.
Do you know how much better your thread would feel to your ALLIES if it were posted as a positive rather than acting like if we all don't do exactly what this guy does, we are not real? I am curious what that kind of rally looks like, where we all are speakers, but there is no one in attendance because that is beneath our lofty positions in this movement...
You do what you are going to do, I'll do what I am doing, and for my part, I don't give a damn if you think I do enough or not.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Start a business

Or gtfo.


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Cool Video

Thanks for sharing.

As far as what "we" are supposed to be doing... You are supposed to be doing whatever it is you think is important and beneficial to promoting liberty. I think that is what we are all doing, I am willing to bet most people here have some sort of project they are working on as far as liberty is concerned in the real world. Some might be projects on a grand scale and others might be small steps, but I wouldn't worry about what people around here are doing in the real world. Hell, some of those people at that rally in the video might have been DP people.

I will never be ashamed of being an info-warrior.

The info war is the front line.

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