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Government thoughts of an educated public as a quick question and a quick story

Do you think members of the government have noticed that the education and comprehension of citizens regarding issues of our nation has been improving at a rapid rate?
I have enjoyed the trend as it seems not only isolated to the wonderful people here at the DP. If you choose to observe topics of discussion outside the Freedom loving world of the Daily Paul I hope that you have noticed the same trend. I view the change as an uplifting sign that many more people than we think might be waking up. At least enough to decide thinking for themselves isn't so bad. Debate with people who might not agree is still not near as bad as those who are brainwashed to follow status quo like herded farm animals.
I find it uplifting to notice freedom minded discussions anywhere, and the rate of seeing or hearing such discussions seems to be improving a lot! Have you noticed any increase in positive conversations or topics within your local community or web space that you frequent? A few weeks ago a group of business looking guys were having a discussion that started with state politics and I heard libertarianism brought up a few times in a positive manor. It wasn't a good opportunity to jump in the discussion so I can't say I had any interaction. Many of my friends know my viewpoints and many agree. Of those who don't we agree to disagree in a positive way. This has always proven the best way to interact. I know it is the basics of interaction, but somehow the basics get thrown out for many people when they want to fight for something so strongly. I would urge everyone to keep going, and to keep the effort positive, it seems to be working and well worth the effort.
So for my quick story. We have all been through a few years of as much effort as was possible for each of our own situation. If we are here we are looking and watching for a reason right? Well like most I have kicked myself a few times for lack of effort I COULD have done and many other shortcomings, but I had one last question I didn't think I could get an answer to. My Grandfather who I have had much respect for my entire life has always told more stories than listened. Sure, all well and good, I have a lot to learn as a youngster. I spoke with him a few times about politics and made my best case when I could for why not to join the ranks of follow the rest while voting. He was the "voting is a duty" type but did not agree to stiffen up to follow any specific party. A devote Catholic I must add. I made my case as what I deemed appropriate without pushing my limits. After our nations elections I was not brave enough to ask the outcome of my efforts. Near a month after the election my Grandfather passed away in a reasonably quick way after a short hospital stay. Unfortunately I was not able to be there at the time, since we all figured he would live forever right? I thought my interest of his opinion was lost for forever. A month or two afterwards my mother (his daughter) came to me and said that whatever I said had persuaded him to go against his 80+ year life of rank and file and he voted to the write in block for Ron Paul. To the amazement of her and myself my Grandfather in what became his last year of life had decided that his grand kid might be on to something. I felt proud.
Sorry for the ramble. The story was important for me to share and the thought of who might be noticing the improvement of knowledge in our culture was also important. The two thoughts together I hope that you can find a little comfort in positive progress. Thanks to you all and I look forward to thoughts you might provide about what you are noticing in your own communities.

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What a great story!

That's how we do it, one person at a time. Sorry to hear about your Grandfather's passing. At least he'll live forever in the stories you tell about him.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

People are waking up as fast as the DHS is buying bullets.

Quite a race we have going here, but it's seems like dejavu over and over. The quicker people wake up, the quicker the government grabs more power, but the more power the government grabs, the more people start to wake up.

Ideas, and bullets...

...and something, something -- oh my god I'm dying from a million gunshot wounds and no one will ever get to hear me play the big pipe organ that I brought down to my underground lair.

Wrong mask? Which alter does Janus prefer?

Ooh, ooh, I know, I know

Janus prefers the one who listens to classical music and kidnaps beautiful women.

...and is a disfigured freak

...and threatens to wreck buildings.

Now, quick -- think about 9/11, all you mk-ultra victims out there. Ha.