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Classic Ron Paul: Lost Tape from the Morton Downey Jr. Show

LOVE this clip - I'd never seen it before! Downey smoking ON AIR! This chick... she's a plant... anybody recognize her? But wait until 2:40 - Doc GOES OFF on the petunia.


I sure wish he'd have brought up the Franklin Scandal, but this is some eye popping truth! The look on his face when the audience starts their ignorant chant... I am SO GLAD he lived to see US - cheering "End The Fed" had to be pretty sweet for our guy!

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"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

is Lisa Evers wearing an

is Lisa Evers wearing an all-seeing eye on her t-shirt?


It's the logo for the Guardian Angels which was

started back in the 70's when police weren't doing enough to protect its citizens. What else is new, huh? Anyway, the founder, Curtis Sliwa's heart seemed to be in the right place at the time for the purpose of protecting NYC's citizens. That is of course, if he didn't plan all along to use it as political leverage to further another agenda.

Here's another interesting view point as well as the logo you mentioned:

Yes she is

Neatly framed in a little pyramid. Cute, huh? I suppose the beret could be dipped over an eye if needed....?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I like this 1989 video where he talked about his 1988 run better

but he does mention the Downey show at about 9:30... apparently he was asked on again...


I just don't like watching him disrespected, so the Downey one isn't my favorite.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

wow, that audience deserves

wow, that audience deserves to go to a fema camp


is that woman wearing an "all

is that woman wearing an "all seeing eye" on her t-shirt ???


Doc was full of energy lol

Doc was full of energy lol

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Check out that girl's Wikipedia page ...

I'd love to see what she has to say about Ron Paul now ... she reports on fascist nation-building???

Lisa Evers (born June 15, 1953)[1] is an American general assignment reporter for FOX 5 News in New York City. She covers a wide variety of stories, but specializes in crime and anti-Islamism, fascist nation-building, the war on drugs, breaking news and exclusives.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Evers

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Well... she works for a FOX

Well... she works for a FOX News subsidiary, doesn't she?

Rephrasing your question:

will she always put her mouth where her sweat goes?

I wish her good luck.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Ron Paul...

Stand up guy then and stand up guy now. I wonder where all those other people are today and how they feel about the enormous success of their "JUST SAY NO" programs.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

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Let's hope not all were lost

Some are probably still waiting for the government "to fix" problems.

Let's just hope others eventually got a clue about what's going on.

It's okay to be ignorant or a useful idiot at any point in our lives. We're just humans. Errare humanum est.

It's indefensible to remain so for decades and repeat errors and become a disgrace as a happy slave of TPTB.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


Still remember the first time I had the pleasure of watching this clip. I couldn't stop laughing my #ss off.

Good times.


I didn't think it could happen but my respect for RP just increased two-fold. I love the old RP and now the younger RP.

dave anderson

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Become Ron Paul. Remain Ron Paul.

Become Ron Paul, if you're not already. Remain Ron Paul, if you feel discouraged.

We know what to stand for.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

We used to watch Mort in high school.

Funny show.

I remember seeing this when the "Revolution" first started to get going in 07...classic.

Boy was that crowd totally and completely brainwashed!

"Just say no", "just say no!"


I wonder if the whole crowd was a plant, not just that lady with the red hat.

The philosophy of Liberty is so simple, so beautiful, so antithetical to what our schools and government teach.

Like Ron said, (paraphrased): to that guy, "You're a little overweight, what if the government forced you by edict, fines, prison, etc. to exercise or eat better, how'd you like that?! Why not just take responsibility for YOURSELF and stop trying to use government to control others?!"

Is it really that complicated?

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford


Just another prediction coming to truth in today's society. The New York drink ban is just the beginning!

All they heard was "You're a

All they heard was

"You're a little overweight"
That was enough


Good to see the good Doctor so passionate in younger days.

And RP was right back then as well.

That was Cccrrazy!


that show was out of control ha ha.

Also, back then Downey jr. had the freedom to smoke on set if he wanted to. Not so much anymore, I wonder what he would say today if he could look back on that clip and see what we've become.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Ahh interesting

From Morton Downey Jr's wiki article

"After being diagnosed with lung cancer, he commented, "I had spawned a generation of kids to think it was cool to smoke a cigarette. Kids walked up to me until a matter of weeks ago, they'd have a cigarette in their hand and they'd say, 'Hey, Mort,' or, 'Hey, Mort, autograph my cigarette.' And I'd do it."[2] He also blamed tobacco companies for lying to consumers about cigarettes, although congressman RON PAUL (also a physician) had advised him, in 1988, while on his show, that smoking was highly unhealthy and responsible for a huge number of deaths every year.[2]"

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

This was

The Springer show back in its day.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Its frustrating when you know you are right and the gang

Who is wrong starts to bully can cajol lies to become the new truth.

Ron Paul learned to relax, smile and be soft spoken. Against fools, ignorance, evil, a soft spoken smile attitude will always rule. If you fight fire with fire by screaming back names and such you loose. For even if you can shout louder and even if you can get the dumb crowd chanting on your side. Even if you win the argument you only end up being exactly what you are opposed to and dead against. In this example you are for individual freedom and you end up with mob rule. By shouting back and name calling.

Thanks again Ron Paul for leading by example. Gandhi went through the same changes from what I have researched. His time in Africa was much the same as this time for Ron Paul but later with experience he started the passive resistance civil disobediance tactics that freed India from Brittan for a second.

I call it enlighened disengagement. Same thing just another term. Individual enlightened disengagement. And right now I think the strongest weapon a free person has is. Grow a garden. :)


I wonder if that was a

I wonder if that was a defining moment in rons life that made him the calmer man we see today,

5:21 - the look on his face, "am i wasting my time",

No Ron, you didnt

Downey has the freedom to smoke


I Didn't Know

Walmart hosted talk shows..


...was a painful to watch clown-circus, on all fronts.

Any cogent message was lost in the shouting and the sound-bites.