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Truck Driver Confirms Delivering to Underground Cities and Tunnels?

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But that guy is just trying to get video hits or is paranoid about the factory here in Springfield MO.


and that goes

1400 miles into the ground? i'm sure the man's odometer still works...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Kraft Foods

Has a facility here in Springfield also. It looks like that place is near Kansas City according to the other video. Food companies go underground for better control over the temperatures of foods when they process them. Mainly because above ground if you try to cool a warehouse your bills are extremely high. The savings in energy is huge.

I dont know about for the "elite"

but this is well known - hell History(or maybe Discovery) has a whole show dedicated to underground storage facilities - like warehouses in the 100's of thousands of square feet.

Hell, if I had the money I would build one.