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The heat is being turned up on JP Morgan

It is very important that the cartel be exposed as much as possible.


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They funded the Soviet Union too!

The Bolsheviks got a huge leg up from JP Morgan interests through Guaranty Trust.

Wasn't JP Morgoth

the rat that has kept us from having free energy due to basically ruining Tesla? Wasn't that him? It's like the evil is passed down from generation to generation even through companies, not just families! Mafia style.


Lipstick On A Pig

Watching Senator Levin grill Ina Drew about the meaning of "Tweaking" gives new meaning to the phrase "Putting Lipstick on a Pig".

Here are some choice comments in the UK Guardian amid the spectacle Friday of the Senate Committee hearings on the JPMorgan / London Whale $6.2 billion loss.....

"American readers of this paper - aren't you ashamed about what your country has become?

A corporate fascist state whose future is in the hands of bankers who are immune from prosecution and hold your economic future to ransom through lobbying or controlling the FED or government.

Sad that such a country founded on such high and honestly held ideals should become nothing more than a playground for Jamie Dimon to make his bonus."


The only way to prevent banks from becoming too big to fail is to start letting them fail. Barring that, banks like JPMorgan that take TARP bailouts and enjoy ZERO PERCENT funding from the Fed and pay outrageous bonuses while Main Street America picks up the bill, SHOULD BE BROKEN UP.

Ed Rombach

"The Heat is On!"

Now I have Glen Frey singing in my head.

How will they spin this

How will they spin this criminal activity into a need for another bailout? You know they will

Forgive Me...

...for not getting excited.

The government's bank, JPM, is nothing more than a criminal enterprise operating on behalf of our government. Not only do they launder drug money, suppress commodities, and skim EBT cards every time they are issued and reloaded- but they own Congress and the President. They write the re-election checks, not you.

Wish I could share the enthusiasm.


But what would "drug money" and "laudering money" mean under free-market capitalism? Your anger is out of reality, probably generated by your poor economical personal situation. Instead of blaming your mother for supporting affirmative action and your father voting for status quo, it is easy to bark against the rich.

Did you even read his comment?

What he said was true, and I noticed no anger, probably disgust. I know being a shill means long hours, but you need to ask your shill-handler for some time off, cause you're beginning to make mistakes. I know, ask if you can change sites for a while.

Turning up the heat on Satan

might be counter productive...
But keep stackin' all the same!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Do you read past the title?

Have you actually read the article itself?

"JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s biggest bank, ignored internal controls and manipulated documents as it racked up trading losses last year." The government complains that its regulations were violated [those would be absent under pure capitalism!] and government workers pension funds could be jeopardized by implication [again, not an issue under capitalism] as well as possible FDIC liability [too big to fail mentality, same thing.]

Here they are talking about market speculation not fractional reserve banking fraud. In market speculation, no harm is made to economy as a whole - for each loser there is a winner. No winner wins for long time. No new money is created, no inflation, no boom or bust for economy.


Nothing will happen to them. JPMorgan, Goldmann Sachs, and all of the other big banks and corporations are immune from punishment. The CEO of JPMorgan could probably shoot someone in the face and not get arrested... ya know, because it would "hurt the economy". What a load of BS.

"hurt the economy", i know

"hurt the economy", i know right? Just imagine what would happen with silver if JP Morgan was out of the picture.

End The Fed!
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