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Japan Adds 1,178 Megawatts of Mostly Solar Energy in Nine Months

"Japan added 1,119 megawatts of solar to the 4,800 megawatts already installed, according to data released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on March 13. Wind rose 34 megawatts and biomass 22 megawatts, according to the government figures."
Japan does something to help the planet and provide clean energy.

"President Obama will propose setting aside $2 billion over the next 10 years for an Energy Security Trust, which aims to support research and development for electric vehicles, domestic biofuels, fuel cells and U.S.-produced natural gas."
Obama "Talks about establishing a research fund" for more green energy research.

Regrettably the USA is spending so much money on wars and empire building, there is no money left for improving the quality of human life in America and on the planet.

Imagine what America could be and do if all that money and energy went into creating a better world instead of propping up the old world so that the billionaire elites can continue to live like kings amassing power, control, and wealth.

There are so many suppressed energy alternatives, and lip service only is paid to using green energy. Meanwhile, the push for more oil and gas continues, so that the elite of the oil industry still get their big profits.

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cool, solar power needs lots of silver.