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Updated 3/20: The American Hero Fund! Compensating Whistleblowers Who've Experienced Great Losses From Speaking Out!

UPDATE: 3/20
Site launched! $300 fundraiser to get us started HERE.
End Update

We blow a ton of money on political candidates. How much liberty are we getting back for our dollar? How much liberty would we get back for dollars that were pledged to reward public officials for turning in oath-breakers?

No reward would be paid without a sworn statement signed in front of witnesses and under penalty of perjury along with an agreement to testify against the accused. If public officials didn't care about losing their job (because they just got a windfall of cash) they might be a lot more prone to turn in these criminals that are STEALING our liberty by violating our rights under color of law.

Thanks to a great suggestion from Magwan77 I decided to go ahead and secure americanherofund.com. I will not be hanging onto any funds. This will work with pledges. As the jackpot goes up on each violation of rights the "thin blue line" gets thinner and thinner until someone in public office decides to do something other than impersonate that public officer.

http://www.americanherofund.com/ Ready for Action!

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Fundraiser = $300

Trying to raise money to feed the programmer and pay for the server. Just need another $260.



For Updated Site

I thought this was relevant to the conversation

Re-tweeted by viper earlier:

MSM 2012: CPAC Straw Poll Win Seals Romney Nomination

MSM 2013: CPAC Straw Poll Win Proves Rand Paul Has No Chance For GOP Nomination

So anyone still focusing on Washington District of Criminals (which includes the complicit LAME stream media) is practicing the definition of insanity.

"Trying the same things over and over again and expecting a different result." If the solutions aren't PEOPLE ACTIVATED -> They aren't solutions IMHO.

Reprinting an old book is one thing.

Making a 6-part HBO mini-series is another.

9-11 was a panda job.


I can't find the NEW COMMENT button!

(just kidding :)

Great idea!

Reward the good guys! About time.

Breaking "hit piece"

Breaking "hit piece" News
DomesticTerrorist uses terrorist money to free terrorists.

You know they'd go there

Terrorism is a tactic. You

Terrorism is a tactic. You can't win a war against a tactic.

Hey everybody is a terrorist nowadays.

At least this way everybody's free ;-) As the unofficial spokesman of terrorists EVERYWHERE I am issuing our (probably pretty much universal - even the Rs and Ds) command on the public servants:


You do know the penalty for that is TREASON - correct? The penalty for that is at the VERY LEAST - 5 YEARS IN PRISON.

...but you don't want an American Lawyer to be able to make this case in a court of law (& court of record) which is why you wish to label patriots like myself as "DOMESTIC TERRORISTS" so you can KILL THEM before they ever get a chance to walk into a court room.

You're EXPOSED. Give it up. There's WAY TOO MANY "TERRORISTS" domestic or otherwise! You've lost the war on terror because GOVERNMENT REALLY FEARS IT'S PEOPLE AGAIN... and we're COMMIN FOR ya... ohhhhhhh yeahhh freedom is coming... and if you want me in the GAME on your COURT just feel free to DROP ME A LINE!


I'm not real hard to get ahold of... it's not difficult to communicate with me. Yet you slink and slither and lie and wait and POUNCE when your 'prey' least expects it...

It's over. I for one... am not going to take it anymore. So if YOU call ME a terrorist I'm okay with that. You're GOVERNMENT - You're SUPPOSED TO BE AFRAID OF ME.

(Exercise your free speech or it's gone for good.)

Tell em to PRINT THAT!

Chill dude, should have been

Chill dude, should have been more clearer i guess, sorry

My thoughts were, if you go through with this, and make something of it, it will probably get "their" attention, they may infact try to discredit you, and if they go digging up on you and see, you once signed up to dp with the handle name domesticterrorist.......you see where im going with this....

I couldnt care less my friend do or dont, BUT, you know they'd use it, right, i couldnt care less if they do personally, but then again its not targeted at us is it, its targeted at the sheep, and their forced fed story

you once signed up to dp with

you once signed up to dp with the handle name domesticterrorist.......you see where im going with this....

(By the way I'm completely chill bro :)

Actually no... this is "vinceableworld" everywhere else but on DP. I changed the name. Click the "edit" tab in your "my account" section. You can "dress up" however you want here... one of those "Liberty" things we like so much about the Daily Paul but shhhh! It's a secret ;-)

Gomez my friend. This isn't my first day on the school bus ;-) I've been on many lists for many years (supposedly) and if I ever SEE such a list I'm going to prosecute the man who is responsible for the list to the fullest extent of the law - or at the very least the PRIVATE CORPORATION which is commercially liable for it - or the first employee I call on the phone who refuses to answer my questions.

I haven't committed a crime... so even POSSESSION of such a list is their CONFESSION that they violated my rights. Probable cause -> Investigation -> Charge... that's the lawful order.

They can't Investigate -> Get probable cause -> then charge. If they don't have probable cause they can't even talk to me. A friend just said the other day from my skype LAW CELL OF TERROR that he can really break it down to 20 seconds... I spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME running my yap... he says:

"I don't want to hear your BS. File a claim otherwise you're trespassing (trespassing is a big bible no-no)."

So to whom it may concern: If you have a problem with what we're doing FILE A CLAIM otherwise you're TRESPASSING. Besides Gomez honestly... there are much easier folks to subjugate than me... I'm not the low hanging fruit but as you say (and I was just talking with someone about this the other day) as people start accepting my ideas the blip on the radar screen gets brighter and brighter.

Brother... SOMEBODY'S gotta step forward or WE R ALL DEAD.

I love this idea.

We must place matters in our own hands rather than to rely on someone else, especially a politician, to do it for us. Good work. You have my support.

Thank you my friend.

Your support is not taken for granted.

I nominate Major George Racey Jordan

as the patron saint of whistleblowers.

In 1942 he was called out of retirement from the Air Force, promoted from captain to major, and put in charge of the lend-lease program which shipped $9.6 billion worth of war supplies and gold-plated cigarette cases to Moscow.

He blew the whistle on the abuses of lend-lease, the shipment of aluminum tubes, uranium, and heavy water to Russia, the delivery of occupation currency printing plates, ink and paper to the Russians, the movement of hundreds of undocumented Russian spies into the country, the demolition of California's gold mining industry, and the plot to introduce fluoride to the water supply.

read more: http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/wars/jordan/01.html

9-11 was a panda job.

web designer here, let me

web designer here, let me know if I can help at all. very cool project.


Great Idea

This is a great idea, these whistle blowers usually lose their jobs and then some get hit with thousands in lawyer fees. I don't think I can think of a better way to use money bombs. Maybe including money bombs you could get employers or educators to put up jobs or additional training for those that may have to change professions after coming forward.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

Another great idea...

Maybe including money bombs you could get employers or educators to put up jobs or additional training for those that may have to change professions after coming forward.

WTG! Bravo! Did everyone take their vitamins or something this morning? Go out and run a few miles? You guys/gals are really on your game today :)

If we help out whistleblowers

If we help out whistleblowers like we should, we can also run them for political office.

They've proven themselves to be fighters - they'd make good candidates.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Lotta damn good ideas on this thread...

I'm putting this in that column :) Thanks for the input and vote.

I like this idea.

However, If I may suggest:

Focusing funds to whistleblowers only leaves yourself vulnerable to whatever law is needed to be thrown at you Assange style.

Might I recommend a chipin to be awarded to the top videos of law enforcement? Maybe a good cop vs bad cop type theme where viewers vote on the best & worst officers while providing the station HQ contact info.

It would certainly help encourage law enforcement to lighten up on video recording. Especially if the awards started racking up...

If i saw a chipin button next to 'good cop' vids, id throw a few bucks for a surprise donation to the officer or charity of his choice.

Apologies, not trying to derail anything. Just needed to throw this is in your idea hole. Maybe itll help protect you legally while still getting the whistleblowers.?.

Okay first off.

I don't need to be protected legally. I'm protected by the law (Bill of Rights in particular). "Assange style" couldn't happen with me because Assange doesn't know about any of this stuff and the fact that you're presumed to be a corporate employee of the DBA "govt" corporation.

As far as your idea goes... it seems like cops would be more likely to stage videos to effect public opinion about them especially if they've had some bad press lately in their department. Yes of course it would be nice to see some genuine good cop videos... perhaps this is a feasible idea... we'll let it swirl around a little and where it goes.

good point.

I certainly overlooked the staged video scenario.

We need a way to get cops to

We need a way to get cops to be loyal to the poeple and not just to their fellow cops. There's a deep camaraderie among cops, as if it's them vs. us, and they simply will not rat out their "own". They protect their "own" before protecting defenseless citizens. That mentality needs to stop. Sheriffs are better at knowing who they serve, because they're elected.

Which is why I have consistently argued

that police (aka corporate revenue agents) are completely unconstitutional. There should only be sheriffs and deputies as law enforcement. A chief of police is appointed by a board of officials - not voters.

What I said... and what I mean... is a CORPORATE BOARD CHOOSES the chief of police for the sole reason of increasing corporate profit. This decision has NOTHING to do with protecting any rights.

And the courts have upheld this model

The police are under NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to protect us.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Wouldn't that technically be considered a bribe?

LOL - At least that's the way the corrupt one's might spin it.

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


No see...

because then I would have put "bribe" instead of "reward" :)

...but yeah we're basically going to bribe their arses.

LOL - then I say "reward" away!


"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


How about cops just stick to

How about cops just stick to their one and only job needed in a free society? Then we wouldn't have to worry about 'good' and 'bad' cops or wasting more taxpayer monies trying to bribe them into goodness.

Cops are only needed to apprehend an individual that has infringed upon another individuals life, liberty, or property. Cops serve no other benefit.

The only reason there are bad cops is because cops are allowed to harm to individuals that have harmed no one. Cops don't have to worry about being held accountable for initiating violence/harm against innocent individuals.

That would be GREAT!

Okay time to stop dreaming though and address reality...