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Libertarian Takeover of Republican Party

For the umpteenth time in as many years this weekend, a member of the Paul family will win the presidential straw poll in a runaway at the Conservative Political Action Conference. But this time, the winner will not be cranky, eccentric Rep. Ron Paul, but his more politically capable son Sen. Rand Paul – who seeks to make a change instead of merely in making a point.
For three decades, the locus of the Republican Party family debate has been over social issues. Today, there is no such fight – and that’s the bad news for all of us social and foreign policy conservatives.
The central introspection for the GOP today is whether it will be a party that includes libertarians or a party dominated by them.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/03/15/conservatism-canno...

Is the "full spectrum conservative a.k.a. right wing collectivist" element of the Republican party on the run? Let's hope so...

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Social Issues

No you are wrong far too many of the Christian Right are in positions of power, or in the legislature and are forcing their religious agenda down our throats.