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NRA Vice President LaPierre at CPAC: ‘Let Them Be Damned’

NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre is not cowed by the criticism he and his organization have received in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, Conn. In a fiery speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference — met with cries from the audience of “Right! Right!” and “Amen!” — LaPierre dismissed Democrats’ calls for expanding background checks and called once again for putting armed guards in schools across the country.

“There’s not a mom or a dad anywhere who wouldn’t feel safer seeing a police car in parking lot when they drop their kids off to school,” he said.

Acknowledging the ire that has been directed his way since December’s shooting, LaPierre announced, “I didn’t come here to be popular; I came here to stand for what I believe is true.” As for the elitists in the mainstream media and the nation’s capital: “Let them be damned,” he said.

LaPierre reserved his harshest criticism for Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security, which suggested in a recent Web video that citizens protect themselves from gunmen with scissors.

“Scissors? That’s their answer?” LaPierre asked. “Let’s get this straight: To protect our children at school, we recommend a trained professional with a gun, and they recommend scissors? And they say we’re crazy? It’s sheer madness.”


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I never feel safer when I see

I never feel safer when I see a cop, I just wonder which mindless victimless crime I am committing which will give him reason to harass me and take more of my money.

Wayne's world is wacked

LaPierre is a genius. Let's put jack-booted thugs in the re-education centers on the taxpayer dime. Maybe raise taxes to pay for it. Or better yet, start a gun fee to pay for it. The NRA is a gun control organization masquerading as a gun rights organization. "From my cold, dead hands"? No, Wayne, why should We the People deserve cold, dead hands instead of Big Brother's goon squad? Why don't you want the kids to be taught how to properly handle a gun in school, Wayne? Why don't you want existing school employees armed, Wayne? No, in Wayne's world, only agents of the State should have the guns in schools. LaPierre is a traitor.

Join the NRA,

Join the NRA, America's oldest, largest, and most powerful gun lobby. Become active and change it from within, as Ron Paul would have us do to the GOP.

Not an Attack on You...

...but you are clearly ignorant of the internal NRA processes, the rigged game of the 'Nominating Committee', or the leadership machinations within the org, specifically designed to prevent such a 'takeover'.

Your advocated method has been tried before and found to be ineffective, leading to a factions walk-out and spawning certain 'no compromise' organizations that actually believe in liberty and stand on the real Amendment II, rather than the faux-version the NRA concocted and champions.

The NRA is anti Amendment II and it is a provable quisling organization. Support them and you support what they advocate and do.

It really is that simple.