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Dr. Paul interviewed on the Mike Church radio show

Mike: Let’s go straight to the Dude Maker Hotline and say hello to the one and the only former Congressman Ron Paul. Ron, I guess I get to call you just Dr. Paul now.

Ron Paul: That would be fine. You can call me Ron, too. Nice to be with you again, Mike.

Mike: Last time I saw you, I got about 20 seconds with you. I shook your hand at LPAC and I said: So what’s going to happen? You pulled me close and said: I can tell you this, they’re not going to put me in a rocking chair. So, have they tried to put you in a rocking chair?

Ron Paul: They wouldn’t dare try. The neat part is the schedule is more of my doing. I get to pick and choose rather than somebody else telling me where to go every single day.


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That was SWEET.

In so many ways.


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