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Iraq war veteran with Purple Heart dies after being shot by deputy-wwltv New Orleans

Posted on March 9, 2013 at 11:33 PM
Updated Sunday, Mar 10 at 1:37 PM
Monica Hernandez / Eyewitness News
Email: mhernandez@wwltv.com | Twitter: @mhernandezwwl
ABITA SPRINGS, La. - A Northshore family is grieving the shooting death of an Iraq war veteran. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office said a deputy shot the veteran in self defense.              
Jason Glover, 32, earned a purple heart for his service in Iraq. He nearly died when an IED exploded under his vehicle in 2004.
Nine years later, a St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Deputy shot Glover outside his Abita Springs home Friday night. Glover died at the LSU Interim Public Hospital Saturday morning.
A spokesman said deputies were responding to a call from Glover's girlfriend that he was armed with a handgun and threatening to kill her.
A St. Tammany Sheriff’s Office spokesman said Glover was sitting in his truck outside when they arrived.
They said Glover exited the vehicle holding a handgun. After repeated calls for him to drop the weapon, the sheriff’s office said Glover instead raised the gun and pointed it directly at one of the deputies.
That’s when the deputy fired at Glover, shooting him twice.
Just up the road, Glover's family heard the shots. They were too distraught to speak on camera, but said the Army veteran was not a violent person. They believe the deputy overreacted.
“He did not point a gun at anybody,” said Jerry Glover, Glover’s father.  
Jerry Glover believes his son was ambushed outside of his home.
The shooting is under criminal and internal investigation, according to the Sheriff’s office.

This happened in my town. I knew Jason. A couple of guys I grew up with were very good friends with him, and I can tell you that the sheriff office's account of the incident doesn't add up. We have way too many damn cops in St. Tammany Parish, many of them young, juiced up, and full of egos. Armored swat vehicles, mobile command center RV's, armored humvees, helicopters, red light cameras, etc. It's sad and angers me that this area I grew up in, much of it rural, has turned into a full blown police state. Sorry, I have to say this. F/ck you St. Tammany sheriff's office and all the assholes that work in the department.

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People are already taking

the cops side in the comments section. They all think he was diagnosed with PTSD, though, I don't see an official report or sentence in that article that says a doctor diagnosed him with such.

It's a little early but I'd say subpoena for the dash cam. Cameras can't legally tell lies but Police can.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

No cam on squad car MykeTheVet

Mentioned later in the article:
"A spokesman said the deputy's vehicle was not equipped with a camera, so there is no video evidence of what happened."

Well isn't that convenient.

Enforcers don't get the benefit of the doubt from me

Peace officers of years past would have my respect but militarized robo-cops are not protecting or serving the American people.