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Doug Wead Interview

Tonight on the Chris Dillard Show, Chris will be interviewing Doug Wead, http://www.DougWead.com/, who is a New York Times bestselling author and an adviser to two American presidents. Doug was also the head adviser to the Ron Paul campaign. We will discuss the historical context of Rand Paul's filibuster and its future implications. Then he will open the floor to any discussions, questions, comments, or concerns. Call in: 415-707-2236 and listen to the show & join the chat at http://LibertyMovementRadio.com/ . Thank you and enjoy the show! Be sure to join Chris's event, link located below, to stay up to date each week on his current guests, past shows, and more:


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I Care About Doug

the same way I care about O'Reilly, Piers M, and Rush Limbaugh. NOT AT ALL. He blew his chance for greatness and will forever be known as a guy that helped take down Ron Paul in his finest hour. IMO


I like Mr Wead

We have spoken a few times and each time he was gracious to my concerns.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Nice :)

Nice :)

Let's all give a nice big yawn

...for smooth-talking kingmakers.

It's the best way to handle

It's the best way to handle them!