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Obama's Brown Shirts, Civilian Army...

Who are they???

Who will hold the guns containing the hollow-point bullets bought by the DHS? Who will drive the armored vehicles bought by the DHS?

Anyone who gets HURT by sequester cuts, and those returning veterans who WILL NOT be given housing and education assistance(while illegals WILL GET it!)

Start with this list....(I predicted the battle-hardened returning troops would be the civilian army)....I can hear it now; "I'm just doing my job, now get on the bus"...

OATHKEEPERS .... HELP!!! you need to "evangelize these returning soldiers in the Constitution!!!

...and don't forget, due to sequestration cuts, ICE has been opening their prison doors and releasing VIOLENT offenders since before the sequester went into effect; these amnesty-worthy thugs and criminals will be looking for a job(and a 2nd chance) too...

"Sequestration forces the Army, Marines and Air Force to halt their tuition assistance  programs.-
-Under the Federal Housing Program, that helps about 100,000 Americancan, homeless and  formerly homeless veterans will lose assistance due to the sequester.-
-Obama administration admits they had released more than 2,000 illegal aliens from  immigration jails due to budget concerns in February.-
-60,000 federal employees responsible for securing America’s borders and facilitating  trade to be furloughed as many as 14 days ( they'll be looking for steady work too)

Download and listen to TODAY's Crosstalk program...it'll get your dander up!!!
We've got our work cut out for us folks....BEFORE DHS can hire these people, put them in uniform, and give them the Hitlarian DIRECTIVE to round up and displace or imprison ALL the government's enemies; we must get their consciousness aroused as to what and whom have taken over our nation!

This is not some bad movie, this is REALITY!

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