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Fallujah citizens were partially right about Blackwater

If you have read Jeremy Scahill's book Blackwater, he tells the tale of the Fallujans: their run-ins with the military, and their assumption that Blackwater jeeps were CIA jeeps and something typically clandestine and nefarious was going on. Tragically, the Blackwater guys were just delivering plates and forks and had no clue that they were being targeted by the Fallujans who had reached the breaking point.

Turns out that the CIA was working through Blackwater. Not that the individuals involved always knew what was going on. But here is Erik Prince admitting that Blackwater was a CIA front.


This document made Blackwater’s defense clear: “the CIA routinely used Blackwater in missions throughout the world,” it said. “These efforts were made under written and unwritten contracts and through informal requests. On many occasions the CIA paid Blackwater nothing for its assistance. Blackwater also employed CIA officers and agents, and provided cover to CIA agents and officers operating in covert and clandestine assignments. In many respects, Blackwater, or at least portions of Blackwater, was an extension of the CIA.”

When I asked Prince why Blackwater would often work for free, he responded, “I agreed to provide some services gratis because, in the wake of 9/11, I felt it my patriotic duty. I knew that I had the tools and resources to help my country.”

The funny part of the article is the part where the ATF raids Blackwater

Reflecting on the prosecution and the scrutiny of the company he founded, Prince said the charges against Blackwater executives left him “perplexed and angry.” “Blackwater carried out countless life-threatening missions for the CIA,” he said. “And, in return, the government chose to prosecute my people for doing exactly what was asked of them.”

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