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Spy DRONE Interupts Interview *Video*

Austin,TX. Maybe groups of patriots should flash mob the police with cameras whenever a drone is present. Watch the watchers.


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AJ Probably Owns That Drone

He had a contest a while back for the best drones in a park in Austin. They had hackers there that could take control of ANYBODY'S drone using gadgets they put together from Radio Shack. AJ was the first to shoot one down as a statement (though not at that event) but anyway, I'll bet AJ had that drone put up there to raise awareness and also for a sensation. Just guessing.


I'm with Judge Napolitano

The first person to shoot one of these things out of the air is a patriot.

I could take that one out...

with my slingshot.

that's not a government

that's not a government drone. you can buy those kind of things all over the place. the coolest one on the market is the AR Drone 2. It can be controlled with your iphone & records video. somebody was just using it to video the event i'm sure. hell, the government has the little mosquito sized drones for spying, they'd never fly something THAT obvious.

I don't care what anybody

I don't care what anybody says. Inforwars is doing good work.

All those terrorists pretending to like music, films and fun.

Those domestic terrorists are so cunning, hiding in plain sight and disguised as people enjoying life, without harming anyone.

You are Right

Soon, as in nazi Germany, the government will be labeling anyone who opposes them as a threat to the homeland.

That means, they will be labeling politically active people and whistle blowers as "terrorists" in their contrived war on terror.

It might be a good idea to embrace the label that will soon be applied; embrace it early and let everyone know who exactly is being called a terrorist before the "news" can put their lies and spin on things. But then again, this corrupt cartel that is taking over the US will probably just stage some false flag violence and blame Americans.

Oh crap

this guy figured us out! I would advise you to keep your mouth shut about this if you know what's good for you (and your keyboard silent).