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Day of Liberty II

While grocery shopping today I proceeded in slipping little pieces of paper with the link www.fluoridealert.org into a dozen toothpaste boxes of many different sodium fluoride containing brands (Crest, Colgate, etc.) so that when the person opens it they can be presented with a link to the true history and toxicity of Sodium Fluoride. I also laid 5 of those same little pieces of paper under and in front of the gallons of water infused with Sodium Fluoride for children...what a rush to promote change.

Love and Peace first.

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Any one else on here want to share...

there daily moments of sharing Liberty or helping to educate others as to real plan in place in this Nation? Share and discuss...and by the way, the editor for the local newspaper received my certified return receipt letter to the editor yesterday on Aspartame and confirmed that it WILL be published this weekend!!!! Persistence, Persistence, Persistence...this was my ninth submission...never ever give up liberty fighters!!!

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