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Jeff Berwick: "Does anyone travel anymore?"

Dollar Vigilante:

Hello from beautiful Acapulco Bay,

Does anyone travel anymore? Or do they just parrot the propaganda they hear from the mainstream presstitutes about places they've never been??

I'm seriously wondering this today. It started when I read about six people who were shot in a bar in, as usual, the "outskirts" of Cancun. Forgetting for the moment that the guns used were probably directly provided by infamous criminal gun runner Eric Holder and also forgetting for the moment that whatever problem that night was probably a direct result of the US government's heinous war on plants and people-- sorry, the "war on drugs". Putting that aside, I read the article on some mainstream US site and was flabbergasted by the comments. "If you let your kids go to to the cesspool of Mexico for Spring Break, don't expect any sympathy if they get shot!"

Cesspool???? Has anyone ever been to Mexico? I normally reserve the word cesspool for numerous ghettos in the US, like the south side of Chicago, where 10 people are stabbed or shot every weekend. Even in that case, however, I see the real causes of the problem in American ghettoes for what they are: the US welfare state, US taxes and regulations and the Federal Reserve. The real cesspool is in Washington, District of Criminals.

But to call Mexico a cesspool? He must have never been here and just listens to his Homeland State Department travel warnings and his nightly propaganda. In almost anywhere in Mexico that any normal person would be inclined to visit or hang out it is glorious. I often breath a sigh of relief coming back from the USSA and once we touch down in Mexico I usually bow my head to my agnostic god and thank her I am now much freer and safer.

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It's interesting isn't it?

I have some family members who live in Mexico part time and their Mexican friends are scared to death to come to the US! Lol

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

To Each...

...his/her own. More power to him.

For me, however, I have zero desire to travel abroad anymore. I have been to several European nations (England, Italy and Germany), to Canukistan multiple times and many times to Mexihole border areas, resort towns and even to Mexico City.

I have no desire to, or interest in, living in any of them, trying to change any of them from what they are, or in ever traveling to or visiting any of them, ever again.

I am fully aware of how f'd up most US States and the fed-gov are, yet this is my home, my land, my Constitution and my Republic, to focus on and restore.

Not interested in being a stranger in a foreign land. There is nothing to see or experience there (other than the novelty effect) that provides more fulfillment or satisfaction or adventure, than these united States.

Mexico is, in my opinion, a hole AND a cesspool, and their government (from local to federal) is even more tyrannical and predatory, in their own way, than is ours.

That also applies to the governments of the other nations I have spent time in.

I have pleasure-experiences, exploration & travel, famly raising, property owning and serious liberty-labor to do, right here at home.

Silly ol' El-Tee, eh...

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I travel a lot

I am in a new city/state/country every few months. Mexico has some cesspool areas. Mexico also has some resort/tourist areas, and Mexico has some completely average in between areas. I have found this to be the case most places I go, and I imagine this is the case in most places I have not visited also.

Enjoy your travels.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

In the last few years

I've traveled to around 3/4 of the states in this country. Made lots of cool friends and stayed many interesting places.

Who would downvote that?

America is a beautiful hunk of dirt with great people standing on top.

Let's play "Spot the Change Agent"

"Pretty soon we'll all be one big happy North American mega-state and you'll be able to enjoy resort living like I."

Seriously. Anyone remember SICKO? "Oh, I'm going to show you this one hospital that is exclusive to big-wig bureaucrats & politicians and then tell you how it's indicative of a typical Cuban hospital in which the serfs are allowed treatment."

Ever been to Ensenada, mister resort? "They did the right thing over in Iceland!" They did no such thing, of course.

"My friend Bob Murphy." Appeal to authority much?

I travel as much as possible, even to Mexico!

I figure, especially if you feel the need to dispell stereotypes about Americans, and you believe that you have some sort of "better" take on politics and international relations, that it is your responsibility to travel and talk to people.

It is amazing how quickly you can get people over the "Americans suck" idea by talking to them for 5 minutes (even 1 minute; the example I use is when I was at a Punk Bar in Munich, German in 2006, I was introduced by my friend as "my friend from California" and some guy started going off about Bush and the Wars, and I just said, "I agree, I don't like it either." He stopped for a second, then asked, "So how do you like Germany?").

My recommendation is to have a local contact that you trust in third-world countries (India, Nepal, Mexico, Columbia, etc.) to meet you at the airport.

There is like a wall that if you show up without any local contact you never get through, and that could be why some people have a bad experience (and for the record, a hired tour guide does not count as a local contact; it needs to be a friend, or family of friend). Once you get that contact though, the wall comes down, and from that point on you will feel like you just discovered a new neighborhood in your town. It won't be as scary or dangerous.

Also leave the American Apparel at home. Go to a thrift store before you leave and wear those clothes.

Jack Wagner

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Going there Wednesday...

I personally feel safer there than here even though I carry in the states and obviously cannot there.

I look forward to seeing the friends I have made there. As you said, it opens the doors to an entirely new world.

I also like to think that the people I meet come away with a feeling that "americans don't suck".

I believe one of the best things we who can afford it can do is explore things outside our borders.... both to learn and to teach.

It has taught me to evaluate people as individuals and not as nationalities.... and face my own hypocrisies which I am constantly discovering.

why rake the risk?

There are many other places more beautiful than Mexico. I personally have no desire to go there and give them money. What to they do with their sewage?

The fewer people that went there the better. Perhaps their corrupt practices would be lessened.

I have had friends who went there and have been robbed by the police ie cameras


I assume you didn't read the article,

or ever visit Mexico.


Friends from Argentina and Brazil have little regard for Mexico. These people seem more civilized than the Mexicans I have met. Just my first hand knowledge.


Most excellent, BT.