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Why Would a "Domestic Terrorist" Be Dangerous... Isn't That An Oxy-Moron?

From Blacks's 5th: Domesticated. Made domestic or converted to domestic
use; e.g. taming of wild horse.

Can you explain to me why a "domestic" terrorist would be dangerous... and also why "domestic terrorist" is not an OXY-MORON?

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Oxymoron? I Don't Believe So

An oxymoron is a descriptive phrase that contradicts itself in meaning. For example: cruel kindness, alone in a crowd, adult children, etc.

Here is a list for your perusal: http://www.oxymoronlist.com/

"Domestic" usually refers to the home, family affairs, a country or nation.

"Terrorist" is someone who enacts violence against persons not directly involved in a conflict but who have some influence over the desired outcome demanded by the aggressor. Terrorism has no nationality or unique political ideology.

Here are some examples of terrorism:

A person lives on a street and kill his/her neighbor's animals.
A sect burns down a church where people of color worship.
The President kills Americans without due process.

Since terrorism has no global boundaries, I don't see the contradictable relationship between the two words, "domestic terrorism" and therefore it is not an oxymoron in my opinion.

Clearly by that definition above

domesticating something means to tame it. If you domesticate an animal it's not going to eat you for dinner.

Ordinarily you would be right...

But not so in the U.S., which employs a 'criminal justice system'.

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Black's Law

is their book brother. I'm just reporting on the definition they use.