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A Cool Billy Joel Moment with Student: Video

This is one of those neat occasions where a student gets a once in a lifetime moment.


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Yeah, this was pretty Cool!

Yeah, this was pretty Cool!

A legend

Thanks for this. A true music/song writing artist in every sense of the word. Instead of music evolving, it seems to be regressing (reggaeton).

Must.... Fight.... The Urge....

To downvote anything Billy Joel related...

It's hard to resist..

But I'll try my best not too...

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Thank you for embedding the

Thank you for embedding the video. Can someone reply with a link for instructions on how to do this?

It makes for a nicer graphic and easier to click on.

Embeding video

from yt.


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Thank you MUB!

Thank you MUB!

Billy Joel has been classy as long as I can remember

and I remember when 'I Love You Just The Way You Are' came out! ;)

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heck yes!

i've always enjoyed billy joel. what a class act... great song writer.

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Take a chance

Lesson for everyone.

Easier Said

Than done.

Reminds me of every time Ron Paul took the floor in Congress.

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