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Bulldozer Parks Outside A Bailed Out Cyprus Bank - Video

The logical question comes next: why is there a massive bulldozer parked outside a (just "bailed out") Cypriot bank? Well, if up to 9.9% of your money was suddenly and without warning stolen by your bank (pardon, forcefully "reinvested" in the equity of the same bank) and the rest was completely inaccessible, you too would probably park your bulldozer in front of said bank.
[Bitcoin steps up to not let this crisis go to waste; this "special" cannot be confirmed.]
Bitcoin-Central.net | Cyprus specials !!
3-16-13 at 02:23:43 PM
During the next two weeks any new account opened by a citizen from Cyprus will enjoy a 0% trading fee on his two first deposits !

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And Cyprus is usually such a peaceful place.

Let me guess: greek bank, turkish bulldozer.

"Call in the blue helmets!"


Whew, at least bitcoin vultures are flying overhead.

Double ha.

SteveMT's picture

We need a live cam on that dozer and bank.

Watching a bank be demolished, and what happens next, would be nice to see.