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Police Dept. Revokes Approval of Cop's Second Job Because They Discover it Involves Marijuana Activism

From Slate:

As long as we’re on the topic of cops who get mixed up with illegal drugs, I wanted to mention the strange case of St. Louis police officer Gary Wiegert, otherwise known as Sgt. Feelgood. In February, Wiegert got approval to take a second job, as many cops do. Unfortunately for the department, Wiegert’s second job was as a lobbyist for Show-Me Cannabis, a group that advocates for reforming Missouri’s marijuana laws. Wiegert’s embarrassed superiors moved quickly to harsh his buzz, revoking its approval of his outside employment. This week, Wiegert sued the department, alleging it was restricting his First Amendment rights.

You can understand the department’s chagrin. And I get the sense that Wiegert—he’s a committed libertarian who once hosted a radio show called Cop Talk—does this sort of button-pushing thing fairly often. But the department apparently has no problem with its officers pursuing political activities; before this, Wiegert was registered as a lobbyist for the St. Louis Tea Party. (The most recent post on the St. Louis Tea Party’s blog begins with “I sat down with some black folks on two occasions recently and listened to their conservations about the issues of the day.”)

Continued: http://www.slate.com/blogs/crime/2013/03/15/gary_wiegert_st_...

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It is al lright to arrest people for non-violent behavior.

But not all right to defend otherwise law-abiding citizens from overzealous authoritarian government.

Good article. Wish the best of luck to this peace officer.