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Ann Coulter: "I am more libertarian than most that call themselves libertarian"

Ann Coulter did this interview on Fox today from CPAC 2013. I am just not sure where she has any credibility even as an establishment mouthpiece.

Edit: Here is the youtube



Ann Coulter is one of the loudest cheerleaders for the Police State in this country. She loves The Patriot Act, torture, waterboarding, the war on drugs, murder for resources, warrantless spying, indefinite detention without trial or even charges, and the assassination of foreign heads of state and American citizens.

Coulter is not even a true Republican as she claims because she does not believe that the states should have the power to make their own laws governing social issues and victimless "crimes," as The Tenth Amendment states. She does not believe in free speech or due process. She does not believe in our republican form of government, so how can she be a true Republican? The fact that she flip flopped and supported the most liberal candidate running for president in 2012 proves that she will say anything whether she believes it or not.

Only in the fantasy land of Coulter's mind can someone that wants to use government violence and killing as a tool for social engineering and theft of resources be considered a conservative much less a libertarian.

In her own words, "Screw You"

Coulter's love for torture:


Coulter's approval of wars for oil:


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...by her very own admission on the John Stossel show she is a " Pussy ". Her words, not mine. Turn coat hoe.

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strikes again...so whats new? She is the personification of the national enquirer for politics. Scary thought she still has influence with the brainwashed neocons. It's OK, she will continue to spew nonsense until eventually becoming absolutely irrelevant.

She need to sit down and eat something.

Just sayin'.

I've never been a Coulter

I've never been a Coulter fan, but the woman knows how to stand up for herself and for her ideas. She's perfected it into an art, a brand, and a business.

Where she missed the mark, for me, in this interview is in positioning right-thinking conservatives against wrong-thinking-liberals. She's thinking tribal/party lines rather than actual issues -- heaven forbid, actual fundamental ideology. I have a dear friend who is a Coulter devotee, so I've been subject to much of her writing through discussions with my friend. I get the sense that Coulter has something in her gut that longs for rational and foundational thinking, but that she's so much more interested in branding and publicity that she sacrifices.

In watching both this interview and the Stossel interview a few weeks ago, I see a woman who, above all, needs a brand for herself and social possee; she's searching.

If a more libertarian approach to government is to gain traction in our sprawling nation, which I think could happen, it will mean that all sorts of folks will start to speak libertarian. It will mean that the folks who are often mocked here as "sheeple" will start using libertarian catch phrases and embracing libertarian politicians. It will mean that the purists have an opportunity to actually practice the what they preach. To trust in the individual -- no matter how stupid, how self-serving, how sheep-like.

Maneuvers like Coulter does in this interview to claim a piece of the libertarian thought pie is only threatening to folks have set themselves up as anointed, who only believe in individualism in some sort of rainbow-unicorn reality where everyone believes like they do.

We have an opportunity to be magnanimous, generous, merciful as more people begin to embrace whatever scrap of the liberty message that excites them first.

An aside -- and because this really pisses me off -- all of you throw around the c-word and the b-word on your posts about any woman who has bothered to thrust herself into the public square, shame on you. You pretend to be all into ideas, but you're not. You're into personalities, and, apparently so threatened by a woman expressing ideas that all you can spit and stutter are foul one liners. I'll take someone who fundamentally disagrees with me but believes in individuals, over you dip-wits who can't seem to dig out any ideas other that sexual sleights. Also, because you apparently don't know, that when you proffer such drivel, you're telegraphing your deep-seated sexual fears of inadequacy.


I don't agree with everything Ayn Rand says either, but I still love her. She had balls of steel and wasn't afraid to argue an unpopular position.

Ann Coulter could become a full fledged Libertarian ally once you help her connect liberty with justice. She desperately wants to advocate justice, but keeps losing her footing because she's not standing on a firm foundation.

She needs us more than we need her and throwing around words like C!@# and B!@#$ will do nothing but alienate her and those who haven't found their footing.

left right blah blah blah , still arguing inside false para"dime

" can we not agree these arguments are shallow and pedantic at best?

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

I believe your comments were

I believe your comments were the ones "telegraphing your deep-seated sexual fears of inadequacy." Congrats.

Running for Office, Perhaps

Ann Coulter sounds just like Obama. They both lie in their teeth. Perhaps Ms Coulter is running for office and thinks she can fool Libertarians into voting for her.

She has made similar statements in the last year. She must think libertarians are pretty gullible with short memory, or perhaps she thinks libertarians are just stupid.

In any case, I don't think she will fool liberty minded folks. Liberty minded folks are pretty in touch with what's going on and know Coulter for what she is and wants - more wars, more police state.


Not running for office, in a constant bid for attention to stir public attention, discourse and discomfort for her sole client... herself.

You're either libertarian, or you're not libertarian . . .

. . . the non-aggression principle is clear. "No one has the right to initiate force, either directly or by proxy, against anyone."

If you live by this principle, then you're a libertarian. If you don't live by this principle, then you're not a libertarian.

There's no such thing as being "almost" or "more" libertarian. Non-libertarians do not understand this - they think there is a sliding scale, just like the sliding scale of the (meaningless) left/right continuum.

But there's no sliding scale - you're either a libertarian, or you're not!


There are still large swaths

There are still large swaths of disagreement, even among Libertarians. For example, whether or not the individual rights of a woman supersedes the so-called "right to life" of an embryo, and whether or not intellectual property is defensible, due to the necessity of a federal apparatus large and powerful enough to defend those property rights of smaller, less powerful IP owners.

As in all "religious" matters, there is ample disagreement over philosophy.

"Ann Coulter says something

"Ann Coulter says something outrageous to get a rise out of people"


I guess her saying she is a

I guess her saying she is a libertarian is an attempt to make it seem like a "fad". It reminds me of every time the today show takes on a meme and then the meme immediately dies.

Unfortunately carpetbaggers,

Unfortunately carpetbaggers, scumbags and salesmen all come with the territory as Libertarianism becomes "popular". Mind you, people never change, they simply change the justifications for why they do whatever they want.


She's such a SHOCK JOCK... why are we paying her our attention? Let's get some liberty...

Ann Coulter

the text book example of a man-ho.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

I love Ann Coulter,

She makes me appreciate all the things I believe in, which is everything she doesn't believe in. I just wish she would marry my other hero, Linseed Graham. Then they could be the perfect example of same sex marriage. Which sex? Weeeell, that has not yet been decided.

Ann Coulter

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

The guys in the background....

They are really into Drag Queens.

Check out the "bulge" in that mini skirt.

I do believe Coulter had a role in the movie "Bird Cage".

Natural Order

I didn't know we could embed

I didn't know we could embed images in threads. What's your secret?


OMG! Brutal! LOL!

What would the Founders do?


What is Ann Coulter smoking? (She is against legalization by the way)

I guess it's good that people are starting to recognize how cool it is to be libertarian... but that makes Ann Coulter very uncool!

Ann Coulter is less libertarian than Glenn Beck. There is NOTHING libertarian about Ann Coulter.

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!


Your opinions

Are more valid than that of Coulter.

Coulter, Krauthammer and Kristol are the enemy...none of them have been elected to office...

Pathetic paid shills, nothing more.

This is good news

believe it or not. Fighting over our label is a sign of winning.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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Cyril's picture

Might be. Either way, THAT is a funny joke from Ann !

Might be.

Either way, THAT is a funny joke from Ann !


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Coulter is a Libertarian

about as much as Obama is.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

This woman is a complete

This woman is a complete lunatic!

While at University of Michigan Law school

Ann started a student chapter of the Federalist Society.

Members have promoted a strong Federal government. As was argued in the Federalist Papers. The lost papers of the Anti-Federalists are condensed into the Bill of Rights.

Purpose/focus: To promote the principle that the state exists.

The society was begun by a group including Edwin Meese, Robert Bork, Theodore Olson, David M. McIntosh, and Steven Calabresi, and its members have included Supreme Court justices Antonin Scalia, John G. Roberts, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.[4]

Free includes debt-free!

Coulter possible gateway drug out of political correctness

I don't buy Ann's books but she probably gives certain of her fans the courage to buck political correctness of a kind, which is something considering the general submission to it. The mainstream media sees her as just about beyond the pale meaning she can't be all bad.