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Sandy Hook full view, in a case with a lot of casualty, no ambulance is seen.

Sandy Hook full view, in a case with a lot of casualty, no ambulance is seen.


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And the bodies were not removed until "overnight?"

These bodies were left in that school for 15-20 hours? I don't believe it.

December 15, 2012 8:02 AM
"The bodies of all of the deceased victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting were positively identified by early Saturday morning, according to Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance."

"Vance shared new details regarding the ongoing investigation Saturday on "CBS This Morning: Saturday," confirming that the families of the victims have been notified, and that the victims' bodies were removed from the school overnight."

Has the site been completely

Has the site been completely taken over by conspiracy theories? If so, the Ron Paul movement is headed for extinction as a credible force.

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Have you seen what's on the front page?


The 1st Amendment is alive here on the Daily Paul!

I don't comment much

but comments like this really make me mad. The very reason this country is in so much turmoil is because a group of people have decided what is "acceptable" to talk about versus what is not. Isn't this the very thing the Libertarian movement is against. I don't have to agree with someone else's thought to still see the importance of protecting their right to say it. And if you can educate people to why your point of view is right, then isn't this forum as good as any to do that?

It should also be noted that just because someone is leaning toward one explanation for how or why an event happened doesn't mean they automatically subscribe to all elements or to all other similar event theories.

Why don't we stop trying to group people as truthers, statists, socialists, terrorists, conspiracy theorists, etc, and argue the merits of different view points. Those that believe this process stains the memory of people that were lost in these tragedies are a riddle to me because the people that were lost are no less loved and remembered by their loved ones just because you and I may not believe all or aspects of the official story behind the events that took their lives.

And what if the questions raised are rooted in truth and the story gets cleared up so that these families know the reality of why and how it all happened. Wouldn't the real tragedy be losing someone and blaming that loss on the wrong thing? For me it would be. But that is just one man's opinion.

Conspiracy theories like

Conspiracy theories like Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)- that later were discovered not to exist? Or conspiracy theories like the Manhattan Project were a nuclear bomb was not being developed, but it was and deployed?

No bodies were removed because noone was killed.

This was a criminal hoax and a fraud for all the samew reasons being
criminally gotten donations and most of the alleged victims had donation sites online 4-5 days before this was supposed to happen. Hell the parents were telling everyone about it live on national TV for Gods sake, not exactly grief striken...

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Why Not?

The response to dead bodies is supposed to be slow and methodical. It takes time to document what happened. There's no hurry, except for the obvious pressures to get the answers and return the dead to their families--not easy to do in a small town with a small CSI (or equivelent) staff. They had to decide what building to use as a morgue.

Once they determined the shooter was dead, I'm sure some of the pressure let up, but they probably didn't know for days whether there might have been someone else to prosecute.

As for ambulances, you call those for the injured. You don't let them on scene until you know it's safe, and by that time, they weren't needed.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Remember, a bloodied child survived

Your comment seems silly since it is a reported fact that one child actually survived the shooting by playing dead under a pile of her dead classmates and she then fled out the front door and police said they saw her completely covered in blood. Of course the name of this child has never been released.

But if the police were met by a surviving child that played dead then who was making the call that other children weren't still doing the same thing or perhaps they were near death and may have even seemed dead to someone like police officer but not to actual medical staff.

The people saying that it makes sense that medical personnel were not brought in quickly seems way off base to me. Especially with this bloodied girl that survived. But again, there are no pics of her and nobody knows who she is (for her supposed protection and mental well being) so this may be fake too just to make the story more dramatic. But nevertheless, if you believe she exists, then you should understand why her existence makes it extremely strange that medical staff were not brought into the seen ASAP.

Also, she would be on video leaving the building out the front

door just like Adam Lanza should be on video coming in the front door. But again, we can't see any of this video because that would be to transparent.

Wow - that is one of the

Wow - that is one of the reason I believe Sandy Hook is a Hoax. I would like to know who made that determination that all the children were dead right after the shooting. Heck they just looked at all the kids and said no ambulances needed, no medi-vac. Also, wouldn't that person have a little blood on them checking for pulse and respiration? A lot of EMT's have commented on this and the correct procedure that has to be followed. The main thing after securing the building is to try and save lives and that means rushing people to the hospital regardless of their state. It may have been cold but when have you ever heard dead bodies are left overnight at a crime scene? Dead people spoil quickly, but in the dead of night they were whisked away?

The other items include:

* Surveillance video of Lanza or anyone else.
* Photos of the classroom and bullet holes.
* Forensic analysis (i.e. how did cars in the parking lot get hit with or without windows broken).
* We still don't have confirmation on the gun used (Bushmaster but was in the trunk of car)?
* Video showing more than 4 people in the woods right after shooting.
* Video showing only a few children at the firehouse with people going in circles.
* Explanation of multiple black shirts left outside the alleged car of the person committing this act with passenger car doors open?
* Explanation of how the school nurse could hide out for hours but the building was secured?
* Explanation of kids account only hearing banging and no gun fire?

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You are right. Kids are much more resilient than adults.

They would have rushed them to E.R. and called the trauma code team. Those kids (and adults) should have been given every chance at life possible. So everyone was pronounced dead at the scene (except one woman), no ambulances, but port-a-potties were rushed to the school? Go figure that.

You Sandy Hook Emergency - Need Porta-Potty???

Shh, you're not supposed to question that peculiar story...

...they're giving to explain away why no bodies were seen removed from the school.

Since no one remembers seeing hundreds of people evacuate the school, mebbe all the living people were removed from the school overnight, too.

I saw aerial footage that looked

something like this, supposedly the first aerial view of the school after the incident. The pilot described it as a "chaotic scene." What?! Key up to 38:30 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJLIqdFRHg0

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

This documentary is fascinating.


Didn't you hear?

They cart off casualties in the backs of squad cars now. Ha.

Seriously, everyone needs to start looking into the probability that other high-profile shootings in America were also make-believe.

Nah, they get told to play

Nah, they get told to play undercover public joe, and then they tell public joe, playing public joe, to ring around a building a few times, with other public joes.............playing public joes

Gabbey Giffords shooting was NO DOUBT a false flag

No blood on Giffords or her man who rescued her while she was on a stretcher AFTER A HEAD WOUND. The SUPPOSEDLY dead little girl is still alive, and giffords makes a miraculous recovery in a unprecedented short time. The BIGGEST anomaly was the fact that Giffords was one of two subscribers that Loughner had on his facebook site. Many videos on youtube, but this is a good place to start.



You can't be saying that she wasn't actually wounded.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Look into it for yourself.

It's all there. I didn't look into this before the Sandy Hook shooting, but after seeing a link to it I checked it out. There is no doubt in my mind it was a false flag.

Look into this as well

"Kent State"
"makeup case"

Not to Mention

First off, that story was pressed the same as sandyhook. PUshed in everyones face, with the gun control issue linked.

Then yes, if you examine the evidence, it appears staged, with no blood, the coordination of "homeland security" terror drill in same town was scheduled weeks earlier but canceled because word had leaked out and they had lost their element of surprise. The city still recieved their $500,000 plus for participating in terror drills. Pretty obvious that the giffords incident was the drill.

The story doesn't match up of how it happened. Same theatrics on the "news" as with sandyhook and most other scripted news stories. Her assistant claims to have rushed to her, "held her upright in his lap, used his hands to stop the bleeding"....but in the AP photo, he held her hand on the stretcher, no blood on either of them, a towel laid loosely on the "gunshot wound to her head". LIES!!!!

I'm telling you, the so called "news" is owned and controlled. The same entities have gone so far as acquire nearly all forms of publication and broadcast that has substantial viewers. In 1939, it was established when Orson Wells announced Martians were invading, People will believe whatever is said on the "news".

In Rome of old, citizens were required to attend so many plays per month. It was the elite of the day's way of forming public beliefs. The modern elite have taken it to a whole new level. Much study has gone into the psychological manipulation that can be done to the viewer. Literal brainwashing in possible with the advent of television programming and hollywood movies.

The good news is people are waking up exponentially as they can't help but recognize that the narrative does not make sense. As the ruling elite become more exposed in their manipulations and deceit, they try ever harder to use what powers they have to cover up their treachery....only exposing themselves moreso....and we wonder why they tryin' to disarm the people they been screwing!? lol