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Anyone interested in making a movie (project of love) based on the life of Dr. Paul?

I recently found out that there was a made for tv movie based on the life of Dr. Ben Carson. This got me thinking as to why there wasn't one of Ron Paul. I obviously know "WHY", but I'm not talking a very high production movie costing millions, but more along the lines of an amateur film with amateur actors. Remember what the Zeitgeist movie accomplished? While this movie would be based of Dr. Paul's life, the ultimate goal of the movie would be to have the viewer "UNDERSTAND" the man, why it is he says and does the things he says/does, and ULTIMATELY, wake people up in the process.

The movie would be based on his entire life up to the present. Starting with early childhood and his separate jobs, paying for college, the moment in medical school where he reinforced his pro-life belief, his military service, his free/payment plan medical service, his political life specifically pointing out why he voted "no" on several "controversial" bills, the "newsletters", the predictions, the presidential runs, the MASSIVE rallies, the booing in SC at the Golden Rule, the troop support and eventual march on the White House, the msm blackouts, the election fraud, the blatant GOP support of Romney throughout the primaries, Ron Paul's convention and the GOP convention, and what he's been doing since he's left office.

I'm thinking the movie could contain experts of speeches(with links to them in the credits), everything either factually verified and/or strongly suspected/obvious(election fraud). It should obviously also contain anything he's fought against in the past (Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA/PIPA, raw milk regulation, etc.).

I'm hoping some people here with the skills/equipment/resources like this idea and either pursue it, or knows people that may like to pursue it. We could all contribute in some way or another. Money, ideas, research/sources, script writing, promotion, and eventually a cast/crew.

To add;
Ben Carson recently said at CPAC that it's OUR responsibility (churches for example) - not the governments - to take care of our own. He said that to massive applause. Remember how Ron Paul was booed after a moderator implied that he would just let someone die if they didn't have healthcare? So now that the same words are coming from someone else, they're okay as long as it's not Ron Paul? Or are people starting to wake up?

Again, the ultimate goal is to wake people up, have them realize the division of the fake left/right paradigm that forces us to choose between the "lesser of two evils" election after election, and destroy the misinformation that's out there. With so many examples surrounding Dr. Paul's life, I think this movie would be a perfect way to get someone that normally doesn't like Dr. Paul, to suddenly experience an epiphany or two and possibly even realize they've been duped. After watching the film, it's my hopes that they will more than likely stop COMPLETELY believing the tv propaganda, and begin questioning more in the future.

I'm sure many of you would be interested in seeing a movie like this. How many of you would or could help make it a reality?

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Thanks, but I'm sure you're talented at many things : )

As for contributing to the project, it could simply be spreading the movie around if it were to ever get done. Was hoping to get more feedback from folks here and kind of make it a project "by the people" for the people.

I'd definitely spread it around!

You can count on that!

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul