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Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll With 25%

1st Place Rand Paul 25%

2nd Place Marco Rubio 23%

3rd Place Rick Santorum 8%

4th Place Chris Christe 7%

5th place Paul Ryan 6%

6th Place Scott Walker 5%

7th Place Ben Carson 4%

8th Place Ted Cruz 4%

9th Place Bobby Jindal 3%

Other 14%

Undecided 1&


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Rubio's rubes

I flipped to FAUX last night to see how they would spin this and I wasn't disappointed. They had some congresscritter on. Forget who he was. lol Anyway, typically they mention Rand, then set this guy up with 'who was the real star? Anyone who really stood out to you?' Of course this guy does not hesitate to answer Rubio and goes on to say how he "electrified" the crowd. His sharp wit, knowledge of the issues, blah blah blah..... We know who FAUX gets their marching orders from so I stand by what I said the night after the election. The R's are going to shove Rubio down everyones throats and after 8 years of El Duce the sheeple will see him as a welcome change while we are also slapped with a guilt card of how "it's time" to elect a hispanic.

Scary to see Frothy coming in third place.

What is it people like about him?


They still attract a core % of whackos. lol St. Ricky has his own nonsense page now twittering that his speech was the best recieved at CPAC. lol http://www.patriotvoices.com/

They left out Ron

They left out Ron Paul...grrrrrrr!

Ron Paul was the other 14%

Ron Paul was the other 14% lol. Glad to see that Rand won! I could totally see a Rand Paul/Ted Cruz 2016 ticket.

me too...

I was just playing : P

Wonder when it will be said

that the results were hacked or something like that.

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You make an interesting point, but focus is on Rand's margin of victory.

Something like 80% of the CPAC audience support Rand's position on 'Drones' against American citizens. One explanation is that Rand's CPAC speech was a terrible flop, the other...

For the record, I am a Rand skeptic, but I am enthusiastic about reducing the neocon power, and in that vain he is an ally right now.

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Why I support Rand

-He returned 600,000 of his operating budget.
-He speaks out against interventionism, even during last year's RNC.
-He offers a clear distinction between himself and the other candidates.
-He stood on his feet for 13 hours to question whether presidential powers have limits. No other politician has done that in my lifetime.
-He openly recognized that the party must embrace liberty in the private and economic sphere and offered common sense solutions to restore the GOP.
-He is a great speaker who can connect his ideas with the crowd (which doesn't matter as much, but I think that was one area where Ron stumbled from time to time).
-He is our ticket inside the tent. Did you notice that recently libertarians are mentioned as being a legitimate part of the party?

Rand is not perfect, but I really appreciate a lot of what he is doing. He gives a voice to many in the liberty movement and is clearly trying to inject the message into the mainstream. You may disagree and I respect that, but I think Rand is the way to go.

Interventionism------is he

Interventionism------is he doing anything besides talking to stop it?
Budget-----------is he doing anything besides talking to cut our spending and balance the budget?
Limiting of powers------after the government sorta kinda said they wont, maybe kill us with drones, what did he do besides talking to follow up about it?
The Party------besides talking to get the GOP to recognize the liberty faction of the repulicant party, what is he doing to actually expose the corruption and get rid of the RINOS?
The tent------besides talking to us about liberty, and then backing rmoney, what is he doing to actually prove that he is to be trusted?

He is only doing what is necessary to repair the damage from last year and coax the sheep back in.

He must set himself apart in order to be trusted.

You are right, he is a great speaker....

Remember who else was elected because they were a great speaker???? Obama.....


is the key to all of your questions. I agree with the question of "will Rand Paul over the next three years prove himself"? A very valid question and one I am looking forward to seeing unfold.

Also, like I said, he returned 600,000 of his operating budget which is far more effort than any current politician is willing to give to balance the budget. Rand is definitely taking a different approach than Ron in terms of constantly talking about corruption. Also, with the drone question.. how was he supposed to follow up on it when he gave the filibuster a little over a week ago? Also, how are you supposed to get rid of the RINOs in an instant? You can't, you can only try to convince enough people to become the majority of the party. The RINOs will probably never go away.

Also, just because he is a great speaker, doesn't mean he is like Obama. That is a pretty far stretch if you ask me. Like I said, if you don't trust Rand, I understand that thought process. I am just saying I like Rand and gave reasons as to why I support him so far.


"Paul in name only"


PLEASE BE CAREFUL ON WHOM YOU SUPPORT..yes i am talking about rand paul. Requesting you to stop supporting him just because he is Ron Pauls son. He is just a neocon in Ron Pauls cloak, and if you are not careful, he can destroy this liberty movement, revolution that Ron Paul started.

I have nothing personal against Rand Paul, its just the policies anc record, so no need to attack me. I would much rather support the Judge, even Jesse Ventura, for telling the truth as it is, than someone who just panders to the neocons, has no principle, and is always eluding the real pressing issues, such as foreign policy.

So this victory, to me is more dangerous than .. if Rick santorum won. Cause santorum will not be able to destroy the movement, but rand will, and he is already is a divisive figure.

you can tell the lemmings are

you can tell the lemmings are controlling the threads recently....

reminds me of the GJ morons from a few months ago....

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unless Judge Nap runs, I'm in

unless Judge Nap runs, I'm in Rand's corner.

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The Judge will never run against Rand, imho.




Be in the corner of a charlatan who does not give a damn about the majority of Americans.

rand "go along to get along"

rand "go along to get along" paul......

With every success and new headline

Rand will further entrench himself as the frontrunner.

He is approaching the tipping point, where no conservative media outlet can ignore him, like they always tried to do with his dad.

The Neo-Con part of the GOP establishment is losing control of the party.

Most of the non Neo-Con establishment is either supporting Rand, or staying silent. This is a very good sign.

To see the entire Paul family at the White House for an inauguration of Liberty Returned to America is a dream worth fighting for!

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That would be awesome, however, the neo-cons support Rubio and

and CPAC considers it a "tie" because he came in only 2 points behind Rand, so we do have our work cut out for us.


All by design

We have all been played like some Kentucky blue-grass fiddles at a summer bbq!

buko, have you ever wondered

buko, have you ever wondered about how much of you slavery has been caused by you looking for the Best Ruler to lord over yourself?


Your sentence is a tad bit grammatically challenged so I'm not quite clear on what you are attempting to say.

So what's going to happen?

So what's going to happen? They lose again? That's the only other option. LOL.

You should've known he was

You should've known he was owned the moment he endorsed someone like Romney.

So .. YOU'RE the one McCain

So .. YOU'RE the one McCain was talking about..


Federal Reserve crashes. Obama shamed. Rand and his global gold backed currency win the whole enchilada.

No surprise

Everything is proceeding according to plan. Rand is being catapulted as the down home All-American alternative to Obama. When the system goes up in smoke who do you think will take over the reigns? Do you folks truly not realize what is happening?

What, no Jeb Bush?