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Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll!

Thank you. Posted here first by emalvini.

Here is a list of the straw poll results:
2930 votes
Supposedly 50% and 50% "registrants".
52% between the ages of 18-25.
77% most concerned about the size of government.
Is it just me, or do the people at CPAC seem like sleazy sales people? And Ann Coulter, really? Anyway, back to results..
US Role
50% says we should take a step back
34% say we should continue to be a "super-power"
Use of drone question
86% oppose killing
24% Are FOR spying...How sick is this? No wonder we don't call ourselves conservatives huh?
Judge Napolitano got a(multiple?) vote!
Rand Paul 25%
Marco Rubio 23%
Rick Santorum 8%
Chris Christie 7%
Paul Ryan 6%
Others followed...

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Chris Christie

beat Paul Ryan and wasn't even invited. Other than that it was pretty much what I expected. It looks like Rubio will be Rand's rival. Although, it looks like Rand is stealing the show with the filibuster and awesome speech.

Great post


It's those pesky Paultards slamming the pole!

I guess someone forgot to invite Bull O'Rongly to oversee(censor) the vote?

It's the dang young people,

It's the dang young people, didn't we try to get them out of the party already?!? Sheesh...