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Stuff You Like

It is the weekend so I didn't think it would hurt to ask this question.

The reason I came up with it, I was sewing with my old singer machine and thinking how much I like it.

I bought this machine used and is about 25 years old, the man told me if it breaks again I shouldn't bother getting it fixed he can't find the parts anymore. When he told me that, I thought well that is the day I stop sewing. The reason I like it so much is you pull a lever and it cuts the thread, wow what a time saver and saves my thread. It is so easy to thread and it automatically changes tension and stuff, it is idiot proof, hurray!

I like my husband's truck, it is useful from getting my chickens feed to hauling stuff for the yard and garden. It's a 2002 Ford, we bought it used.

I have a plastic fork I use for cooking that is made in the US and I can not find another one like it. I bought it back in the 70's and I like the shape of it and the plastic has more bend than other plastic cooking forks.

What is interesting is these things I really like have very little value monetarily but to me they are priceless. They are used everyday and I am grateful to have them in my life.

I have nothing against expensive stuff just seems the stuff I depend on is cheap, lucky me. LOL

This made me wonder if you folks have any stuff you like and could share with us what they are and why.

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I like rocks too.

When my kids were little we would take them to the rock/gem show and we would pick out pretty rocks for a buck. I put them in a jar and enjoy the memories when the kids were little. I couldn't tell you what they were to save my life, they are just plain pretty. LOL

Whoops, this post was to go with fishy's comment.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


I have a cabochon machine, and have had the chance to start learning to make jewelry, and it is a lot of fun. Truth is, it was an excuse for a lifetime of collecting rocks.
I have Herkimer diamonds, actinolite and black tourmaline from New york, amethyst and quartz crystals from Arkansas, rose quart from South Dakota, obsidian and sunstone from Oregon, opals, smoky quartz, petrified wood, jasper, agate, star garnets and more from Idaho.
Some are tiny little chips, some are small boulders. As we moved across country over the years, I sacrificed things like my high school year books, but the rocks... they pretty much go where I go. The only way I can unload them is to find a kid - they always appreciate my rocks and get to take one home with them. I don't care how old the kid is, they just have to be enough of a kid to know a cool rock when they see one.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

My grandmother's cast-iron skillet

I use it every day.
All of my albums and 45's....even though I copied them all to cd, I still like to play them on my old Pioneer with the giant speakers.
My elk skin cowboy boots I bought in 1989. I've had them re-soled and re-heeled twice.
My Levi men's blue jean jacket I bought after I got out of high school. I bought it a size or so too large, so it still fits me. It's still in great shape after 37 yrs. Not a hole in it. Sad they don't make stuff like they used to.

Love my cast iron!

But me and the heavy stuff... I have inherited both my mother and my grandmothers full sets of cast iron skillets. There are TWO of us - do I REALLY need 8 skillets and 2 dutch ovens? Of course I do.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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I have a copy of....

The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. It is beaten down, pages are ripped and yellow, corners of the cover are bruised, it has been highlighted in and I have notes all over the margins in it, basically it is in rough shape.

A friend got me a new copy a few years ago, but I can't read it for some reason. I like the rough around the edges copy even if the words are the same. Is that weird?

There are a few other things that I can think of that also fit in this thread lol.

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I like the smell of old books

and leather, like in a boot store or saddle shop.

I like old books

but they make my nose and eyes itch. I got an old cook book I bought at a garage sale and it is over a hundred years old and it talks about how hot to make the fire and real pioneer stuff. If we go back to those times I think I would get some use out of it.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."