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NYC mayor: Mississippi's 'anti-Bloomberg' bill ridiculous

We don't really care what he thinks of us.

JACKSON, Miss. —New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is chiding the Mississippi Legislature for passing a bill pre-empting local food restrictions.

If the Mississippi bill becomes law, cities and counties won't be allowed to enact rules limiting such things as the size of soft drinks, the salt content in food or the shortening used in cookies.

Mississippi lawmakers are calling it the anti-Bloomberg bill.

Bloomberg's attempt to limit the portion sizes of sugary drinks was struck down by a New York judge this week.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said he supports the bill and looks forward to signing it.


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Bloomfuck is in dire need of

an old school horse whippin'. Period. The tyrant.

What would the Founders do?


Idk where he's gotten this idea that he can enact any regulation he sees fit. Perhaps New Yorkers will vote him out next election after they become tired of his bullshit.

If there....

ever was a state that needed totalitarian government to regulate food, it'd be Mississippi.

No offense M'ians, but y'all are known for your love of fattening food, and I'm from Tennessee.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

The guy who is trying to enact limits to soft drink sizes...

...is calling OTHERS ridiculous?