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Portugal protests against austerity

"The protestors, who were making their way toward the Finance Ministry, chanted “It’s time for the government to step down!” and “IMF! Get out of here!”
The Portuguese government is bracing for a record 18.2 percent jobless rate this year, up from last year’s 16.9 percent.
Portugal is grappling with its worst recession since the 1970s.
Demonstrators say the recession was caused by the government’s imposition of tax hikes and spending cuts required by a 78-billion-euro ($102 billion) bailout."

Hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of Portuguese cities protesting austerity measures that the government hopes will help to avoid the bailout and lift the country out of recession.

"On Saturday, organisers said as many as 500,000 protested in Lisbon, and hundreds of thousands more in other towns and cities."

Sound familiar? Due to mass protests, the Bulgarian government stepped down a few weeks ago.

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Portugese are not the most innovative

But work hard and can take the knocks. They will triumph. They are a stubborn peoples from my experiences. They are like Greeks imo.


This is Not an Austerity Protest

“It’s time for the government to step down!” and “IMF! Get out of here!”

I'm tired of them labeling this "Austerity" every time. We need to force them to call it what it really is.

Portugal protests against "International Banking Cartel Stranglehold".

Portugal protests against "Banking Cartel Measures".

Portugal protests against "Banking Cartel Policies".

That sort of thing.

I just copied the title

but you're absolutely right, and for once I actually applaud the msm that they didn't omit those particular phrases like IMF and the such in this article.