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Parking cops fights back


And another

Rebel Parking Cop Turns Against Local Councils


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They're praying on people,

They're praying on people, hunting us like pack animals for our money, all over the world.

Keep at least an audio recording device available at all times.

And a camera available.

I know everyone with a 'smart phone' already has that, but a back up such as a Key Ring recorder is handy and doesn't require a monthly fee.

And they pass through the 'security' trays quite fine at the courthouse where they prohibit cell phones ...........

Kill switches

are being built in to smartphones. It will not be long before our rulers can disable smartphone recording in any geographical area they choose. And this, just as people are deciding their phone's camera is good enough to toss out the separate piece of kit. A separate camera with audio and video recording but NO wireless connection functionality is becoming relevant again.


Mucho apprecianado!

What would the Founders do?