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Gen-2008 Meet Gen-2016: The Reiteration Gap We Must Remember

A VERY important, often overlooked fact.

The college graduates OF 2008 are pissed, and arguably comprise a large portion of the "new wave" of liberty motivated activism.

How do I know? I'm one of them.

In 2008, a new faction of informed public was injected into society.......at the worst time for jobs pretty much EVER.

Since then, it's been a vicious battle to keep low paying, relatively hopeless job situations (for most--despite relief of having a job.)

Well a lot of those people went back to grad school only to realize nothing improved. Those who didn't became interested in what all the fuss about the economy is, and slowly started to wake up. They realized that the corvette in their future might never materialize, for example. Or, some of them started to question whether their neighbor who sits at home all day in the apartment next door really deserves 30 cents of every dollar brought home from their hourly wage job 40+ hrs a week, despite having a more classically liberal and pacifist mentality.

From personal experience, over the past year, SO SO many of these people have come out of the woodwork as Paulites in a pretty hardcore way.

2008 was not the highlight of Paul-dom. Just wait until this round when he's not even IN the race. I suspect some are still timid whatever their fears or family pressures may be.

(Part of the delay was how frantic outgoing graduates were, most of which had only voted 1 maybe 2 times in an election EVER. None of our Gen-X elders really reached out to us in time for the "Google Ron Paul" to take flight in time for November. Even by 2012, some were still missing key factoids.)

I expect a huge outpouring of votes for the liberty candidates this election cycle. Notice at CPAC, the only REAL applause that wasn't forced over mention of Reagan, was for mention of Ron Paul and Rand + Drones. Notice all the mentions of how many young people were in the audience......yep, b/c they have jobs now and can afford to attend CPAC. :) They had a panel of "under 40" speakers, the youngest of which is 23 (a Representaive from GA.)

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It sounds like I am in the same age range as you, and you are right... there is something brewing and it has the potential to be big.

It is important to remember also that this is for all age groups. I love how Ron Paul is focusing on the college students, but there are people fighting this fight that have been working on it before people my age were even born.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss