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Gay spy ring: Cops bust Saakashvili's undercover network

(From January, first I've seen of it)

"Georgian prosecutors claim President Saakashvili’s military police created a network of gay agents who started relations with famous people and later used blackmail to ensure their loyalty to the authorities."

"After the elections the new parliament declared a major amnesty and, despite Saakashvili’s attempts to veto the move, freed about 200 inmates who were recognized as political prisoners. Several officials from Saakashvili’s administration were detained and charged with abuse of power and torture. Georgian Dream’s victory allowed the return of Irakliy Okruashvili, the former defense minister who was forced into exile after he claimed Mikhail Saakashvili was involved in political assassinations."

Interesting things going on in Georgia that we just don't seem to hear about.

Oldie but goodie:
(This may be my all time favorite politics video)

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