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Reince Priebus still pumped over filibuster, not happy McCain/Graham "threw Rand under the bus"

RNC Chair Reince Priebus talks to Dana Loesch at CPAC on 3/15/13


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Less than 14 feet 7 inches

After a careful study of calculations based on distance(D), wind velocity(WV) and an average consistency of orally launched projectile(ACL), I have determined the level of the Reince Priebus Trust Ratio(RPTR).

Average wind speed during test: 1.5 knots(1.726 mph)
Unit of measurement used for test: Feet + Inches
Consistency in projectile launch: +/- 1ft
Projectile launched throughout test: Spittle

Calculations show:

(RPTR)<(D)- μ(WV)+/-(ACL)

Therefore in my case, the Reince Priebus Trust Ratio falls far short of my overall projected spittle distance.

[Disclaimer: These tests are in their preliminary stages and are yet to be peer reviewed]

When the conventions come...

It'll be Rubio or some other establishment guy, while Priebus throws another Paul under the bus!

I'm telling you right now,

I'm telling you right now, the establishment wants Rubio. They have hypnotized themselves into believing that the REAL reason they lost to Obama was an insufficient level of pandering to Hispanics. It's all they are thinking about these days. It'll be Rubio versus Clinton. Fact check me in 2016.

Lather. Reince. Repeat.

Oh, the lies they'll tell just to keep their jobs.

A question for Reince since he reads the DP...

Who, do you think is Rand's greatest influence?

It's Priebus

who should be tossed under the bus for pushing statist Big Government candidates like Romney as small government conservatives.

Why join the parade when it's

Why join the parade when it's full of nothing but clowns?