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What Went Wrong, According to Reince Priebus

Sounds to me like he's saying they didn't clamp down fast enough - too many debates (where we could learn about Ron Paul) etc.


Interesting comments on that article.

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"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

All that money/time, and he's still wrong?

How pathetic. Grasping at straws. The reason you lost, is because people think, in many cases rightfully so, that the republican party is full of racist war mongering heartless old white guys. Embrace the free market Reince. Allow the best candidate to rise, without controlling the process.

Paying people to go around and spread the word about how good your party is?? What a terrible solution! Don't tell me! Show me!

"Run our Company". He does

"Run our Company". He does acknowledge the Federal Government is a corporation. What a stupid twit with his new plan.

Earth to Rancid Precum, here's one of the main reasons you lost;

Alex Jones Caller Ron Paul Revenge Voters For Obama 11/09/2012


What a complete douche bag

What a complete douche bag

We have a brand ambassador right here

You should apply for one of those paid jobs!

edit: Finished watching the video. What a COMPLETE and TOTAL DOUCHE BAG!

Now, we have Boehner saying

Now, we have Boehner saying that he "absolutely" trusts Obama. Both Boehner and Priebus are traitors and goons. Politicians who support Boehner are a disgrace to both country and GOP. Politicians who ignored Willis' run against Priebus for chairman of the RNC should be ashamed of themselves.... a disgusting lot.

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Ah, Reince, did you forget

Ah, Reince, did you forget any other young rising stars in the Republican party? Hint: Last name Paul.

This clown has it all wrong.

This clown has it all wrong. Truth is if they want to grow, reinvigorate the party, and actually be effective, the clowns need to step aside and run real honest elections and politics. We are sick of their 'branding', their vision, their control, and their party politics. What we need to do is take control of the party from the bottom on up.

More debates are the answer, not the problem

It truly saddens me that the Republican National Committee feels more centralized power is the best way to reenergize the Republican Party. The GOP is commonly identified in the House of Representatives as the party with deep local ties that vote according to their communities and NOT what the GOP leadership says is best, at least more so than the Democrats. This is an asset! Priebus is not harnessing the potential of this asset in this new strategy.

Last I checked, YouTube is free. The GOP should encourage more debates on YouTube and encourage this at all levels of government. Priebus is right on assessing the technology deficiency; however, his conclusion to use technology to force through more candidates from the Karl Rove Rolodex will backfire, eventually. Unfortunately, some good liberty candidates will get squashed by the big money machine in the beginning before the country wakes up.

We MUST get involved at the local level to use the Republican centralized machine against itself when it starts disenfranchising voters of hearing the truth. I'm signing up to volunteer this week at my local GOP. These are relatively small organizations that can be changed for the better with a few hours a month.

I've now listened to this twice. Still can't understand

a single word he said.

He reminds me of this guy:

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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It would have been most

It would have been most interesting to have seen a debate between Ron Paul and Obama.

Bob Marshall

The Tea Partiers won in 2010.

The Tea Partiers won in 2010. They need to let the Tea Partiers lead the party.

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Priebus: "I'm calling for a convention in June or July,"

If the convention was held earlier, then Romney would have run out of money even sooner, and he would have lost by an even greater margin with the added scrutiny time.

Preibus is in idiot.

Priebus' answer is that he did not have more control!

If that is the answer then it is obvious Priebus does not understand what is happening.


If you want more control, then just appoint yourself the candidate.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.



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What will it take?

What will it take for the party 'leadership' to realize that the world has changed.

They don't control the media anymore. All of their efforts to MARKET, BRAND THEMSELVES, and otherwise SELL an ILLUSION only loses them credibility.

He acts like Romney was sold correctly to the voting public!

The effort should be to OUST this moron [reince priebus]

Not debate his pathetic excuses, his opinions or his articles.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

wow, once again GOP shows how out of touch

it really is....

He is right in a way, the debates were an issue. But the issue was that there weren't any real debates at all. Those reality TV shows they tried to pass off as debates were a joke.

Mitt romney was the problem

I know lots of republicans in S.C. who could not vote for him because of his voting record. But the media pushed him for 5 years so he won the nomination. The republican party did not lose, mitt romney lost.

No, you are wrong. The republican party DID lose.

It wasn't only flip flop mitt. He was a leftist has-been right from the get-go. Included were the likes of the sky is the limit rick, colonize the moon newt, read from a script boehner, screw what is right priebus. Not to mention the REPUBLICANS all across this nation locking people out of convention, breaking fingers and dislocating a hip, stripping duly elected delegates of credentials, eliminating the only TRUE conservative [RP] from msm.

The republicans lied. They cheated. They mocked us and abused us. The republicans failed by their own hands.

Beware: as it has for decades upon decades, history WILL repeat itself in 2016.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


If the GOP doesn't get it yet and they try to screw Rand, which I am sure they will it will be a bigger blood-bath for the party this time. After this run if they do the same thing they did nothing will be left of the party. With idiotic leadership like this the party is destined to be completely annihilated soon.

Even with all those

Even with all those shenanigans, the GOP could have won if it presented a true conservative candidate that could connect with the people, so the main reason they lost WAS MITT ROMNEY.

Better yet, here in wonderful SC,

Gingrich took the primary right after the debate crowd booed the Golden Rule and cheered murder.

satan was laughing with delight on that night.

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I'm glad

that somebody else remembered that disgusting display by what the media described as a largely evangelical Christian debate crowd. For that reason I do not give a sh-t what South Carolina republicans thought of Romney in the general. I now see how Lindsey Graham keeps getting re-elected.