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Nigel Farage making waves in Britain ... a revolution underway?

I've heard him being compared to the U.S.'s Ron Paul and I see he and his political party, "Ukip" are making waves these days:

1. David Cameron under threat from rise of Ukip – poll
A new opinion poll dramatically lays bare the threat to David Cameron and the Conservatives from the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip).


2. David Cameron: 'We have a real fight on our hands'
David Cameron has made a rallying cry to unite his party and silence backbenchers plotting against his leadership.


3. Ukip steals a march on Tories
David Cameron is given a warning of the threat posed by the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party as he enters a critical phase in the life of his government.


4. Nigel Farage: beware Ukip's smiling assassin
The Ukip leader Nigel Farage his party of 'cranks and gadflies’ have become a clear and present danger to David Cameron and the Conservative Party


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I don't see much comparison to our movement

Massive prison building is part of their main platform?

What new laws and regulations will they make to fill those prisons?

Sounds more like the polar opposite of Liberty.

No mention of how they plan to pay for the increased military budget among others.

Have you read the UKIP manifesto?


Forgive me for repeating my comment on a prior thread but..

Take a look at "The five planned long-term programmes" listed under "The Economy: Jobs, Enterprise & Skills" it reads like another New Deal:

1) A 10-year enhanced defence equipment
programme with an additional £4bn p.a. on
top of the currently-budgeted £8bn p.a.

2) A 25-year programme of building nuclear
power stations that will provide Britain with
50% of its future electricity demand. This will
cost on average of £3.5bn p.a.

3) A comprehensive programme of flood
protection and coastal defences to cost £30bn
over 10 years. Some 25% of this money would
be spent on highly-exportable pump valves
and control equipment.

4) A transport investment programme centred
on high-speed rail lines, reopened railways,
new bypasses, road improvements and port and
airport links. The lion’s share of this investment
would go to British-based firms.

5) A prison building programme with a
particular emphasis on modern off-site
manufacture. This programme will be structured
so that British manufacturing firms are
well placed to win a substantial share of the
systems and components work.

The full range of their manifesto literature can be found here:


Would they be an improvement over the others? Possibly but I don't expect too much.

The one good thing that would be gained by electing UKIP - in my opinion - is that it could begin the process toward succession from the EUSSR nightmare.

So...there are Wacko Birds in

So...there are Wacko Birds in Britain also. Cool.

I wish them much luck over there. They are fighting the same enemy as us.


I agree with the sentiments they do not have much of a chance winning. I think it will be a minority gov. How they could of joined with ultra left lib dems is very telling.

Their leader has been figured out. UKIP will do very well if they do not make any poor judgements till then.


Love Farage

From all the videos Ive seen and the articles Ive read - I love this guy.

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Apparently Britain's MSM doesn't share your sentiments...

calling him a "smiling assassin" and his supporters are cranks and gadflies. Apparently they don't use the words "wacko bird" in Britain.