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Google Search Huckabee and click on the ads

transfer the money from huck's campaign to the google empire, which vijay has a lot of stock in. hehehehe




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I'm ashamed of you

Why do you have to post something like this at the DailyPaul? What you are suggesting is click fraud. I don't care how you want to justify it. Is this something you can feel proud of? Quit tarnishing the movement with this shameful behavior. It's one thing if you don't know any better but to do this on purpose isn't right.

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guys, here's the other side of the coin. Clicking an ad will tell Google that huckabee's ad is good quality (good ads make people click them). Since google rewards quality, when you have good quality ads, the cost per click goes down. So, this scheme can also benefit huckabee by driving his ad costs down.

I prefer to leave those ads alone. If he has 10000 views but no click, his ad becomes less and less relevant, and will cost more per click.

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Exactly. And it can also make his ads start popping up in other places. Google is a popularity contest. Also, stop clicking on any of the negative Paul articles out there (if possible). That will slowly help them loose search rank.

that's funny! I came here to post this same topic

The ads are appearing in meetup.com group pages too

click them ONE time... so google doesn't give them click fraud credits (waste your time)

there are enuf of us to cost them a little bit

Ron Paul 2008

This is very similar to why

"Google Ron Paul" is a seriously bad advertisment. Just people here catch on to this little trick to attack Huckabee, our opponents catch onto "Google Ron Paul". If we are driving people to google to reseearch Ron Paul, our opponents need merely to flood google with negatives on Ron, and we are paying for the advertising that is driving people to our opponent's hit pieces. It is virtually the same thing, Huckabee is wasting money, Ron Paul supporters are buying advertising for our opponents.

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You Are Wasting Your Time

I work in Web-based programming. Google tracks the IP addresses of those who click and the frequency of the clicks. Click enough in a short amount of time and you will be ignored. This is a security and anti-fraud mechanism. Someone could right a bot that hit those ads faster then a human could. Similar to a DoS attack.

yes and no

the same person couldnt do it over and over, but masses can do it once.

edit your post, you are spelling write as right. had a much meaner and funnier post here pointing that out then i noticed your username and realized we are prolly the same person.

umm no

you are mistaken.. they do not track the ip addresses

Tracking IPs

Of course they do not. They have a magic wizard who figures out where in the US / World you are for their extremely lucrative targeted regional marketing. You could greatly abuse Google ads if there was not some form tracking. You can even tell Google Analytics NOT to pay attention to certain IP addresses. If it is in an HTTP header, they pay attention to it.

The people stating stay away from the ads are correct. A click is a vote to Google. Time is better spent harassing the MSM.

Do you think that google

Do you think that google would bar you from giving them money? NO! There have been several lawsuits against click fraud! Thats essential what is being promoted here but we are working within google's system so we are not at fault.

They might keep statistics but they do not have the resources to track and log every IP that clicks on their links.

I have first hand experience with ad sense and it is wide open to abuse of this kind.

Want proof? If you search for something and click an ad continually, especially something obscure, you can make the ad disappear by maxing out the daily budget!

search term needed

that makes all of their links show up, that way when you click on them it costs them more. (if youve never worked with an adsense ad campaign then this prolly wont make sense to you)


I just clicked multiple times on the google sponsored links for Giuliani, McCain, Romney and Huckabee.

Make sure you look at the sponsored links on the right side of the page. I googled Giuliani and a Romney sponsored ad showed up on the right side.


You know that if you are clicking the ads on his page that means you are PAYING him not taking money away.

wow economics 101

econ 101 is in order

uhhhh, yeaaaa

thats why google makes so much money, cuz they pay people that want to advertise. hello?

Just the opposite genius!

Huckabee has to PAY google every time someone clicks his ad. Don't you know anything?

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I clicked back and forth about 10 times. That should cost him about $7.50 or more....10 clicks X .75 = $7.50. Go ahead people click away.........it's fun!

auction style

adsense works in an auction style way, so it can literally cost as little as 1 cent if thats googles minimum still.