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The Narrative in America

You know, I'm generally not a conspiracy theorist, since I think some people take these things too far. But I'm getting some nasty vibes here where too many coincidences occur one after another.

For starters, I think some people might have noticed how the mainstream media is trying to woo Libertarians. The wooing is so eerie and creepy, it makes most of us want to puke. These guys have been painting us as crazy and lunatics just mere months before, yet the speed at which they changed their minds and trying to appeal to us is simply astonishing. It's so astonishing that I get the feeling that we are being manipulated and I believe this manipulation occurs on a greater scale than even some people inclined to conspiracy theories might believe.

For example, I've long since thought that most politicians were just batsh*t insane. They've been so disconnected with how normal human beings think, I've just accepted the notion that they are crazy and stupid people. But the thing is, they aren't crazy and stupid at all. We've seen various youtube videos outlining how the powers that be influence the narrative behind the scenes. These fellas don't act batsh*t insane, because they are crazy and stupid, they act batsh*t because they know that people are gullible and easily manipulated. If they act batsh*t crazy, people listening to them will be more inclined to copy their opinions and then as a result, they become more tractable. There's even a slashdot article outlining this particular phenomenon:


But they've been doing it for so long that I sometimes forget that there are genuine manipulative purposes behind their actions.

Take McCain for example. How can anyone sane even think the way that McCain does? Doesn't he have the presence of mind that the way he thinks is not how most Libertarians (heck, scratch that, most AMERICANS and even most of the known world) think? Is he really that out of touch with reality? And the thing is, there's a very real possibility that he really doesn't think this way. If this is the case, then what was his agenda in attacking Rand Paul?

Perhaps it's because I'm an outsider looking in from the outside (I live in the Netherlands), but one thing I've noticed from American culture is that American culture usually revolves around a NARRATIVE. You can see it in American documentaries and movies, the way politicians speak, the way people talk when they give presentations and lots of other little things. Personally, I believe this tendency for a narrative can especially be seen during the times of the Wild West. The stories told of these times (and also during) tend to be beautiful fairytale like stories with a specific style of storytelling accompanied with a hypnotic, rhythmic kind of quality. Usually with simplified concepts of good and evil. I think alot of aspects from those times still reside in the America we know today.

Looking at American culture from the outside in, it's like you guys are living in a perpetual narrative. The way the media brings the news (combined with other things), it's like living in America is the same thing as having life be like an eternal Hollywood movie. Compare that with Germany and the Netherlands, life here simply seems more drab and mundane in comparison (though we are steadily drifting to the American style). Life in America, it's like good and evil are clearly defined concepts. Here, it's more difficult to tell the difference.

Which brings me back to McCain and all other media pundits. It's possible that being used to the Hollywood style of living, you guys don't realize how impeccable the timing of each event was that happened in recent months. The impeccable timing of these events are usually not seen in reality, but only within movies. It's clear to me that what's really happening here, is that the powers that be are carefully constructing a narrative here and that the American people are being manipulated to fall for this narrative.

I mean, most people already noticed that the complete turnaround of all the media pundits concerning Libertarians have been abnormal in general. I don't think I need to look for past youtube videos and compare them with current youtube videos in order to demonstrate the extreme contrast. This general trend is already enough to have anyone's alarm bells set off. I mean, who wouldn’t be creeped out by Ann Coulter trying to cozy up with Libertarians?

Then we have Rand Paul doing his filibuster, who has been successful in creating a good narrative with his demonstrative act. Other politicians with opportunistic intentions soon joined in, cause instinctively they KNEW that this narrative had a good chance of succeeding with the people. Rand Paul is the hero of the story and what is a good hero story without a good set of villains? So the villains soon show up (McCain, etc.) to combat the hero.

But the powers that be can leave NOTHING to coincidence. There’s been a large group of people that have been brainwashed into thinking that Libertarians are crazy lunatics. But the powers that be want to go the Libertarian route today, so these people must then be reverse brainwashed. Difficult to do? Hardly. These people on the top look at the people below with disdain. They believe us to be gullible like sheep and easily manipulated. And the sad truth is that this view is probably reality. The lovely thing with narratives is, is that you can let people do one thing in particular in one moment and then let them do a totally contradictory act the next time around by simply making them believe that their act is not contradictory. With the correct narrative supplied, everything is possible. People that are good in creating narratives are generally good with stringing along seemingly incompatible story elements in a coherent whole. We’ve seen it with our own eyes how the powers that be crowned Romney to be the next coming of Christ. We’ve seen how far they would go to construct a coherent narrative around Romney. The media manipulation was simply obvious.

So like I said, the powers that be leave NOTHING to coincidence. For a narrative to be successful, you must first have pundits and other people placing this narrative in the correct context for people in a form they can easily absorb. And lo and behold, someone does indeed show up to do this for us: David Keene. He paints a beautiful picture about the old being replaced by the new. The story of GROWTH and how parties need to include instead of exclude. With this narrative now in place, Republicans can now continue the story and accept libertarians without fear of being called a hypocrite. Undoubtedly, more people besides Keene will follow that will continue to paint this narrative.

What am I actually trying to say here? I’m saying that the Republican leaders have setup McCain and Graham to take the fall for the sake of the Republican party. While I do believe that Democrats and Republicans collude together to exclude third parties, I do believe that on anything else they are competitors. There was a previous youtube video on here explaining how the battle between Romney and Obama was unusual, because we’ve seen for the first time a split in the funding of these parties. They usually fund both parties to do their bidding, but this time around there was a divergence. If Romney had won, he and his friends would have made a tidy sum of money by him passing a law to expatriate money from abroad. Obama on the other hand was funded by a different group of people with their own set of interests to consider. What this tells me, is that while some of the political battles are a farce, they do actually expend some effort in order to become the controlling power. The party that comes into power, will be the power that benefits the most and reaps the largest rewards.

With the above in mind, the Republicans realize that their current narrative is inadequate. Being the practical buggers that they are, they switched gears in order to co-opt the Liberty movement, because otherwise they would never get to become the party in power ever again. And they can’t have that, because how would they ever suck the people dry in such an event? So after the loss to Obama, they immediately constructed a new narrative, this time with a Libertarian tinge. They purposely setup Graham and McCain to take the fall in order to create this narrative. And it’s not even a real fall, since the correct narrative could easily reflate their bubbles back to normal. Afterwards, all they need to do is having pundits and the like further expand on the narrative.

What is unclear to me at the moment is how Rand Paul is involved in all of this. With Ron Paul, it’s pretty unlikely that he’s corrupt, since he sacrificed too many years and too much potential profits in order to be corrupt. I’ve generally not been too overly critical on Rand Paul, because as RP believes, I do think politics is a necessary element in order to succeed. But the recent events have been disquieting, because there’s no doubt in my mind that a narrative is being created here. If I’m right, it’s highly likely that they will attempt to influence DP opinions on here by having paid posters trying to peddle their narrative on these boards. Be aware of posts that have an overly simplified notion of good and evil and are judgmental in nature (which are usually posts not based on reason and deliberation). Especially scrutinize posters that post threads that can potentially influence the narrative. Be especially paranoid of posts that push you in a direction you already have a tendency to lean in. They can easily manipulate you that way. I mean, it’s nice hearing David Keene talk about an issue I wholeheartedly agree with. Nonetheless, it’s dangerous to assume that people that seemingly agree with us are our friends.

Regarding Rand, it’s best to watch events unfold for awhile. But remain watchful and never assume that you cannot be hoodwinked. People who generally believe this are the people scammers are delighted with.

Anyways, tell me what you think.

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While McCain may be commended for his alleged bravery as POW in Vietnam, the fact that he was tortured and subject to mind-warping experiences would, in my view, make him unfit for any high leadership role.

Hugs from Chile.

I think they are setting Rand up.

I don't believe Ron was ever seen as a threat towards the status quo ( I mean in terms of winning). Rand on the other hand, has been playing their game (and beating them at it) with startling precision. The only time he has ever been caught off guard or backed into a corner was that one Maddow interview early on. Those behind the scenes know that he's been raised by Ron and very likely holds the same exact views, regardless of how he presents himself to others.

My opinion is that that the filibuster pissed some people off and now the ultimate goal is to GET HIM OUT OF THE SENATE. This will be done by keeping him in the race, by giving him the impression that he has got it in the bag, until it is too late for him to defend his Senate seat. Yes, the filibuster did make him much more electable as far as the nomination goes, but they already have many methods of preventing that from happening when the time comes...they can keep him from talking at the debates, utlize the media to black him out or attack him, keep pushing Rubio, rig some votes here and there, etc.

Regardless of all that, I will still be working my ass off on his behalf in hopes that I'm just a paranoid conspiracy theorist ;) .

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies"

I sense the condoning of Libertarian

values is bait. Similar to the bait GW Bush used for christians.

Taken to its fullest it is really a bait-and-switch con game:

the ploy of offering a person something desirable to gain favor (as political support) then thwarting expectations with something less desirable


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Yes, they might attempt this

Yes, they might attempt this if they can find a different message that has potential.

In my view, the people on top decide which narrative will be the most succesful. They then base their strategy around this narrative. Republicans then collude together to manipulate the public in order to believe the narrative.

The presidency is a high stakes games with enormous amounts of profit on the line. That's why they expend MILLIONS on these campaigns. With that much money at stake, there's no choice but to start the brainwashing right at the BEGINNING of a new cycle.

That doesn't mean that there is no competition between Republicans however. If a Republican shows that his narrative has a greater chance of succeeding (through crowd support), the leaders on top may decide to switch narratives halfway and expend the rest of their resources on that particular narrative. The effect on the people is the laboratory to weed out the best narrative and also to weed out inefficient politicians. In the former cycle, they decided Romney had the best chance and their strategy was build around Romney. But it could easily have been someone else, had a scandal around Romney appeared on the forefront. The other Republicans like Gingrich served as a backup plan for such an event.

Right now, it seems the Republican party has come to their senses and are putting all their resources in Rand. But this doesn't mean that other Republicans will take this lying down. They will try to convince the top leaders to go with their narrative. Afterall, if they get to be the president, more profit will fly their way. Rand's position has not been solidified yet as the nominee. Much can still happen.

Excellent Observations Jo :

Quite perceptive and well stated.

Spent my last 3 full time years in “The Show Biz” backstage at L.A. News Channel KCAL- 9. It was just transitioning to 24 hr. Infotainment format. For a fact all stories dance to a tune. The “Narrative” as jonat3 succinctly referenced.

Front Office, Directors and Talent take the position they are “Teachers and Shepard's in the community”. Not a parental tone by any means. Everything reported is for the public's “own good”. People are too easily riled up or jump into fear actions based on what they “learn” from media. Beyond that you all are generally too dense to see the wider picture.

A common, though not universal sentiment on the lot was, they were cool and you were not. Simple as that. What they saw that you did not made them special. “In the Know” if you will. Just a little elitist attitude rubbing off on the hired help I suppose.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Thanks for the comment. This

Thanks for the comment. This includes everyone else that replied.

There's another thread on here with a youtube video of George Will:


Notice how these pundits try to manipulate common sentiment.

Here's another one:


Enormous contrast when everyone was praising Romney, isn't it? And there are many more like these. And the way they bring it, if you weren't on guard for it, you would easily go along with the flow without suspecting a thing.

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Excellent, thought-provoking thread...

from a unique perspective.

Us boomers here in the States (who are awake) have understood this for a long time.

Even so, its easy to get lulled to sleep and forget sometimes that this is a well planned and well thought out scenario being played before us for us.

It has become so "every day" so common place, that it just becomes part of the accepted and well woven scenery that we expect and therefore, pay so little attention to it that it passes for truth.

Thanks for the jolt of reality. Sometimes, some of us need that cold slap in the face to remind us that we are slaves. That may be hard to imagine but, in my case, with family, work, and well-intended activism, I still sometimes get caught up in that 9 to 5 mentality of acceptance.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

Why Rand is not the Answer

Our money and enthusiasm to Rand will drain us of energy and time to make progress where they can't control it.

Think about it. Sure, we can vote for him, that's cheap, but otherwise let the neocons fight over that stuff.


He's carrying on a smoke & mirrors family tradition.

Great post. The problem with it ...

... is that, from what I've seen?

People that have a good foundation in liberty also tend to have an equally good foundation of defenses against the kind of narrative manipulation you're describing.

We're on to it. We see right through it. So there's a lot of immunity to it out here.

ie. Lots of us are so wise to their tricks there's *no* chance it will work. And the more people we wake up, the more immune they will be too.

Oh your not the only one, im

Oh your not the only one, im deffinatly feeling thet vibe too, wouldnt trust em as far as i can throw em

Another thing, another member posted something along the lines of "is anyone else sick and tired of people blaming obama", it didnt clock on at the time why that was brought up, but after seing a few recent c-pac videos, i think i understand the timing of that question now, alot of bashing of obama in c-pac, no beating around the bush, just calling obama out by name.......feels like they've been monitoring the threads and misunderstood the message, not realised theres enough blame to go around

No worries, they made themselves irrelevant in my eyes with what they've done, i speak of msm, tv, newspapers mostly, they've assured me that i will take any information from a top down one way communication outlet with a huge load of.......salt......it surprises me how affective they were in doing that, complete and utter disregard for msm now, and i dont even have to try, thanks msm, still keeping an eye and ear out though, you devils advocate, you

the more things change, the more things stay the same,
Take what they offer, but dont give nothing until they've proved themselves not to be liars, and that they are people of action, the mininum step being, voicing objections, when objections are deserved, and not for small subjects for political gain, by playing the fence, seing which way it will go, flying under the rader of government backlash, while using a situation for selfish gain.......those arent the type of people to bet on long term in any movement, avoid alot of hassle now, if we remind ourselves of the reasons why some of us no longer trust or have faith in most politicians, excluding those who deserve excluding, whoever you may be

You are spot on!

It is scripted, sickeningly so. That's why I don't watch it at all. It was really cool to read what you think though, thanks for this post. I envy you being over there. I would leave in a heartbeat if I could.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

The American news media is a

The American news media is a completely scripted Hollywood esk narrative. Don't think we don't know that. Their octogenarian audience is literally dropping dead of old age by the thousands every day. The old coots in Washington DC have been dining on their own bullshit for so long, they have no choice but to believe what they say themselves due to their Alzheimer's. Although at a point in the past, they knew the psychological impact they were having with their rhetoric and why they were doing it.

I Have Recently Been Watching

The Ring of Power on youtube. I had already been thinking that voting isn't going to change anything but after watching that documentary I am pretty darn sure that voting absolutely is a waste of time and effort and the only thing to do is try to wake enough people up to tip the scales in the favor of the masses. The US has managed to alienate most of the world thanks to being the PTB's hired bullies everywhere so maybe enough of the world is awake to take notice for the first time. I have my hopes in the internet and common need of the people of the world who are ALL victims to the pigs in charge. NOT politics as usual in the states!


For a person from the Netherlands, your English,

For the most part, is impeccable. Where in the Netherlands are you?!

I'm a one hour drive away

I'm a one hour drive away from Amsterdam. I won't say anymore, since I'm paranoid. Not that they wouldn't be able to find me if someone put their mind to it.:D

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If nothing is coincidence...

You are correct to wonder how Rand Paul's filibuster came about

What is unclear to me at the moment is how Rand Paul is involved in all of this.

Here is an article for consideration:


Here's another:


But if you're going to get anywhere, you'll have to suspend your already suspended disbelief. i.e. don't go in with any preconceived notions or you're at risk of missing something big.

Like that invisible gorilla.


I missed the dang gorilla, lol.........

Thanks, I guess I needed that demo!

Well said.

Interesting food for thought.

Agreed about narrative, but...

I think it's not just the U.S., although the U.S. has the major role in the script right now.

But the recent papal change has my attention. A pope up and retires, something that hasn't happened in hundreds of years. A new one is selected on 3/13/13, an interesting date with regard to occultists and numerology. The new pope is someone from the jesuit order. And the new pope selection seems to have deviated from the St. Malachy prophecy (Petrus Romanus). [edit- Scratch that last sentence, as this Pope Francis may just fit the prophecy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbPB9EPDWuE So even more fitting with narrative.]

Those are things that stick out to me about the situation and I don't think they're coincidental at all. As far as narrative, we're hearing the usual sex abuse scandal talk, but I think there is something bigger going on here. Much bigger. Just a hunch.



I find it unlikely Rand is

I find it unlikely Rand is involved as well. But still, it's best to be watchful.

And there's a risk of the Liberty movement being hijacked, just as the tea party has been hijacked. I believe Rubio is already making the attempt to do so.

It's important to always keep thinking. Even if things go our way. Heck, ESPECIALLY if things are going our way. Corrupt people will never allow honest people to gain power, so there must be some hidden agenda somewhere.

fake people always get elected

this is nothing new. So, they see a movement that is gaining traction so they will make it appear that they are in that "group" or supportive of that group. Then when they get elected they will do whatever it is they wanted to do in the first place. Or, even if they were sincere going in, 90% of those will be corrupted soon after they get in.

Am I cynical? yes. I think we need super watchdogs that start up the day they are sworn into office. This means creating news, keeping them in the hot seat. This is giving me some ideas. But it is difficult because the people are so easily swayed or lulled of to sleep or whatever.

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If the liberty movement were to be hijacked

Which door would be the best one to walk into?

Good question. Depends on how

Good question. Depends on how severe the hijacking is in the first place.

I always knew that some measure of politics would be a necessity in order to advance the cause. Regarding Rand, it is extremely unlikely that his filibuster wasn't planned down to the minute. In politics EVERYTHING needs to be coordinated, cause the Republican party doesn't like surprises.

But playing these kind of games comes with a risk. You'll start believing that fooling people becomes a necessary act in order to advance the cause. And soon, you start believing that your cause IS the cause of the people.

If it's done within limits, that's OK. But the problem is that politicians usually go over the limit. Which is why I sincerely hope that Rand knows what game he's playing.

I don't think Rand would be in on it.

I do think your on to something. Thanks for the insight from outside the US. It gets foggy over here sometimes and its hard to see.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

I think

...that I appreciate your sincerity and love for your country.

I recommend that you never again make the mistake of voting.