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Prince Admits: Blackwater = CIA

Russia Today: Blackwater was CIA's extension, founder Erik Prince admits.

Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater - now known as Academi - claims his firm “became a virtual extension of the CIA,” taking orders from the agency.

In an interview published Thursday by the Daily Beast, Prince revealed how deeply connected Blackwater was to the Central Intelligence Agency, especially in the early 2000s. Last month, federal prosecutors dropped felony charges against Blackwater personnel after it was revealed that the employees had been acting under the orders of the US government. After a three-year-long prosecution, most of the company’s executives walked free and two men received nothing more than probation, house arrest and $5,000 fines.

But the tens of thousands of pages of court documents from the case shed light on an argument the company made throughout those three years – that Blackwater itself was an extension of the CIA.

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New Orleans?

In the comments section to the article there were several
references to Blackwater being involved in the disarming
of residents following hurricane Katrina - I'd heard of
Guard units being involved in that - anyone know what
Blackwater's connection was there (if any)?

Does that mean the Prince is coming home from exile in Dubai?

Does that mean the Prince is coming home from exile in Dubai? Where's the $2 billion in cash on pallets he stole in Iraq? And why does his former firm change its name every year?

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Geneva Convention?

Geneva Convention? What's that?


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Here's what I don't understand...

These contractors "walked free" because they were under orders from someone else.

So, why isn't that someone else on trial now for those crimes that were documented?

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You've just identified a

You've just identified a tactic, its our job to inform the rest for what it is, something, im thankfull, alot of folks are already doing........this article for instance........thanks for doing your bit, thanks to the others for doing their bit brick at a time

Good point


Well of course it is

Well of course it is. They are financed by "Government" contracts.

Watch The Corporation Nation.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

"acting under orders of the US government"

That kind of excuse didn't fly at Nuremberg, but in the USA apparently it's a free pass.

If only this were just some harmless Flip Wilson "The devil made me do it!" comedy skit. Someone wake me up from this nightmare.

I've long suspected...

that Blackwater was a proprietary company run by the CIA, just like Air America.

Blackwater has a long history of working hand in hand with the CIA.

In the 2007 attack on the CIA station at FOB Chapman in Khost, Afghanistan 2 Blackwater employees were killed along with 5 CIA officers, and 7 stars were added to the CIA Memorial Wall in Langley (A memorial for CIA personnel killed in the line of duty).

Apparently, the CIA considers Blackwater employees as CIA personnel.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

All of those defence

All of those defence contractors have ended up that way throughout this War on Terrorism. Chris Kyle -the American Sniper- created his own defence contracting and training company explicitly for this kind of stuff; the contractors are beyond reproach -they don't have to follow DOD rules, and they also cannot be held to any other laws either because they are working for the US government. These contractors have blanketed immunity for their actions.