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Found a 1951 Economics and 1924 British History Exam/Test lol

While rummaging through used book stores sometimes you buy a book with papers left inside.

This is what I found a few months ago:

A 3 hour exam/test in a course titled Economics 228 - so I am guessing that is post high school.

It is only Part I but I shall give a sample of the 1st question;

1. (a) Define the following terms: folkways, mores, culture, ethos.
(b) What is the relation between mores and law?
(c) Comment on the statement: "The mores can make anything right."

??? mores? ...and mores not? :/

BTW, I also found an Annual Examination from 1924 Middle School on British History

There were/are 4 parts and it looks more detailed than an University course on the topic lol

OMG Some of these questions are bloody freaking hard :O

ie. 1 (a) Give the location of any [four] of the following:

Mons, Bagdad, Plassey, Corunna, Utrecht, Saratoga.

(b) State an important historical fact connect with each.

7 (b) What were the defects in education in England in the first part of the nineteenth century? What reforms were made under the Elementary Education Act, 1870?

5 (a) What were the causes of the American Revolution? 1 mark (kidding :P)

Part of the top is missing so I do not where it is from but it is typed but the teacher's name is hand written on it. Miss Mchedy I think, it is hard to make out.

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