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Why is Rand Paul pushing vote losing policies? Why isn't he sticking to easy vote winners instead?


Why is Rand Paul pushing through a pro-life bill?
Why did he say he would abolish the department of Education?

The liberal Corporate media will have a field day with both of these.
Why isn't Rand Paul sticking to REAL issues like civil liberties and Corporate Welfare? Easy vote winners.

Abortion is not a Federal government issue - it is the business of the states.
Just over 70% of the population support abortion.
Rand Paul can be pro-life - he doesn't have to push it and lose public support over it.

We all know the Department of Education should be abolished because of the immense harm it is doing in NOT educating our children or giving them decent prospects to get a decent or well paid job in the future. (See Appendix)

Most of the people that Rand Paul will need to attract (i.e. Indies) don't get why the Department of Education should be abolished and what an extremely bad thing it is.
It is a difficult sell and currently a nett vote loser.

Why is Rand Paul even playing the twin party game?
Why is he even mentioning social issues?
The best weapon of the twin party system is to divide and conquer over social issues.

The way to win is to attract Indie voters.
And the way to do that is to concentrate on civil liberties and Corporate Welfare and tax cuts for the middle class.

Even hard core Dem supporters are now starting to recognise that Obama is as bad or worse than Bush on civil liberties and Corporate Welfare.

Why is Rand Paul playing right into the hands of the twin party system?

Why doesn't Rand Paul say things like :-

I will cut the price of prescription drugs and save money for everybody, including the costs of medicare/medicaid to the government.
Half of the large pharmaceutical companies are FOREIGN owned - cut their subsidies - America pays by far the highest prices in the world.
Cut the price of drugs or go generic earlier.

I will stop the near $1tn a year of government subsidies and bailouts to the big banks.

I will stop hiring mercenaries and use US troops instead.
Mercenaries cost about 5 times as much as US troops.
I can save over $100bn a year from the military budget just with this.

There is plenty of other waste in the Pentagon budget I will root out as well.
Like the $12.6bn annual cost until 2037 of the F-35 plane. Even John McCain called it a total waste of taxpayer money.

I will cut the size of the ballistic nuclear submarine fleet -it's still at cold war levels. We don't need so many.
That will save $2bn a year.

The project to develop new nuclear submarines will cost about $500bn over the next 10 years. I will stop that as well.

Why doesn't he say I am going to cut the taxes of the middle class not the rich.
Half of my spending savings will be used to pay for tax cuts for middle earners and below to get bottom up spending going again.

There are $1.3tn+ of savings I have identified so far.
Most of it is Corporate Welfare.
Some of it is Pentagon waste.
Some of it is in other forms of pure government waste - like foreign aid to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The items above would garner 80%+ of electorate support.

There are lots of other things that he could say about civil liberties and Corporate Welfare that would garner over 80% public support.

His stance against the use of drones garnered widespread popular support - even amongst Dems.
Amongst the constituency he eventually needs to attract - Indies, the support must be very widespread as well.

How about some other easy items of civil liberties.
Like :-

Do you think the government should have access to your bank account details when you have committed no crime and without a search warrant?
That's what Obama is doing with his domestic spying program.
And Obama is wasting TENS of BILLIONS of DOLLARS a year collecting YOUR bank statements and financial transactions.

Why doesn't Rand Paul stop playing with social and controversial issues and go for easy wins (in terms of public support) instead?

Why is he playing right into the hands of the twin party system?
It will come back to haunt him.
The liberal Corporate media will have a field day.

There are a hell of a LOT of easy wins he could go for.
Why doesn't he start plucking the low lying fruit and build an unstoppable momentum in public polling?

Why doesn't he say these are the items of spending I am looking at right now?
They total well over $1.3tn a year.
There are huge amounts of very easy savings to be made.

Why doesn't he say - this is the level of madness we are now at.
CBO spending plans are for $6tn of annual spending by 2023, over $3tn of annual deficits, the National debt over $40tn.

Why doesn't he say I am looking at the absolute craziness of current government policies and I am going to COMPLETELY CHANGE them?
I am going to do some really big things to turn things around.

I am going to make Healthcare much more efficient and affordable - not waste even more billions like Obamacare does.
Other countries are TWICE as efficient as America is.
How would you like your Healthcare costs halved?

I am going to do some really big things to completely change the madness of this current government.
Lots of the items I am looking at are listed in here.


Education policy

We all know the Department of Education should be abolished because of the immense harm it is doing in NOT educating our children or giving them decent prospects to get a decent or even well paid job in the future.

Contrary to popular perceptions social mobility in America is now in the worst 3 out of 20 large developed countries.
America is rapidly falling behind other countries and a lot of it is due to the current abysmal education system, espeically for the poorer half of society.

Also contrary to popular perceptions, education standards have not improved with the vast increases to education spending.

Most of the people that Rand Paul will need to attract (i.e. Indies) don't get why the Department of Education should be abolished and what an extremely bad thing it is.
It is a difficult sell and a nett vote loser.

This is what I intend to do about school education policy - give it back to the parents.

This is what I intend to do about college education policy.
Stop loading our young people up with $10,000's of dollars of debt before they even set out in life.

I have made a start on the sell in the words above.
Rand Paul said NONE of these words.

Military spending

Military spending is now TRIPLE what it was during the cold war and Obama is spending more the military than even GW Bush did.
Military spending needs to be drastically cut - we can't afford it.


I thought I would add a taste of reality at the end.
The American air force circa 2030.

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basic laws of creating attraction.

Rand's pro life bill that

Rand's pro life bill that he's trying to push through is virtually identical to the pro life bill that Ron introduced. Ron always introduced a bill that defined life as beginning at conception and gave legal rights to the unborn. Ron signed a letter stating that he supports a personhood bill that would ban abortion nationwide. Rand's position on this issue really isn't any different from Ron's.

I know you guys aren't gonna like this,

but Rand isn't pushing through a pro-life bill. Rand doesn't push through any bills. He stands up, waves his hands for attention, and sits back down. Wake me up when he actually accomplishes something.

Rand still believes he can 'reinvent

the wheel'! He is trying to draw the Christian conservatives behind him, but instead of selling the winning route, he is selling the failure no-escape route. Rand thinks his fathers approach was a failure, which is an extremely naive belief being raised by the 'Champion of the Constitution'. Ron Paul's beliefs were not the failure, it was his intellectual delivery far above the intellect of the average C- American public. He also must look at the actual majority voting electorate, 45+, who have been brainwashed into a divisive scheme of making social issues at the Federal level. What Rand should be doing is using his ability to speak down to the C- crowd, and evolving his father's too intellectual message.

Rand should come out with the pro-life message, which will actually bring a win to the social conservatives. He should state he is personally pro-life, but in order to solve the issue we must fight this battle on the state level, which will give the chance to make a much greater impact in solving the issue. He should state, that we will never get the votes in the Senate to pass such a bill, even if we were to gain the majority in the chamber. Rand should resurect his fathers Sanctity for Life bill, which would remove Federal courts away from the issue, and alow the states to make their own laws concerning abortion. He should explain how the pro-abortion crowd will have a much more difficult time fighting the issue in the state courts, without their overreaching liberal dominant Federal Courts to over rule the state laws. He should explain that we may not win in every state, but at least Christian pro-lifers will have the ability to emigrate to a true pro-life state, instead of living in a state that supports immoralities, making it hard to live to your conviction of your faith. I believe he can use a similar argument to sell the elimination of the DOE.

This is how you break the left vs right divisive paradigm, not 'playing the go along to get along' same old BS game, that traps you into the social conservative theory of continuous failure. Trying to 'reinvent the wheel' at this stage is foolish and will get him into a trap he will not be able to recover without being doomed to the flip-flopper status. Rand has the opening, but with his move towards the Zionist and the social conservatives he will become, if nominated, another failed GOP candidate. If he champions the Constitution, tells the reasons he doesn't support these repetative issues of failure, and continues to educate the sheeple C- crowd on the intent of the Founders which made us the greatest country on earth, he could win in a landslide. However, it appears he is playing on his ego, that he can 'reinvent the wheel', where we have seen an anti-American win 2 terms taking this fallacious route!

Why are you paying attention to Rand Paul

instead of your local sheriff?

Roe v Wade will never be overturned.

They need to stop riding that dead horse.

Are you asking "Why isn't Rand a better politician?"

Don't you realize that Americans are SICK of stupid political tricks and agenda's? Aghast at the lack of convictions and game playing in the system? What could be more important to a principled person than the lives and education of the next generation?

Is it really all about our pocketbooks and political wins? Sad.

Americans are sick of

Americans are sick of politicians, yet about 80% of incumbents were reelected to their positions for the past 50 years?

Because spending is a BIG issue

Ron's budget was gonna cut 5 departments because that's how serious Ron took the budget deficit and the out of control spending. Rand takes it seriously too, and some big things will have to go to have a balanced budget again in this country. I would hope that every political move he makes isn't motivated by "will this hurt my chances at winning in 2016". He still needs to do his job.

because he is playing the

because he is playing the system .... and so far it's working.

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

JustLiberty4US's picture

Wow. That was long. You make

Wow. That was long. You make some good points.

All the data I read is that most Americans do not support abortion. It's less than fifty percent. Do you have any data, that is not some sort of propaganda, to demonstrate this stat?

The General Social Survey is very reliable:


the easy answer is:

he wants to get votes in the Republican Primary. pro-life and strict fiscal conservativism is what will make him strong in the Republican Primary, you're talking about the things that will make him strong in the General Election but which will in some ways be liabilities in the Republican Primary (civil rights, anti-corporatism). He's pushing those things too but he's being careful and strategic about it, which is why his drone filibuster was purposefully distilled to US citizens on US soil; even though he critiqued the whole drone program during the filibuster, he wanted the more hawksih Republican voters to just think about him fighting Obama using drones on US soil.

trust me, you cannot win a republican primary without coming across with strong pro-life bona fides.

basically, in terms of the political perception he's trying to create, he's trying to create a strong partisan conservative perception for the sake of the primary while also doing as much under the radar that he'll be able to dredge up in a general election. ie, the Republican primary he will emphasize the aspect of his drone filibuster that, as the mainstream media has tried to say, appealed to the so-called "black helicopter crowd", while keeping the ace in his sleeve for the general election where he can say "I took a strong pro-peace stand"


you can't have civil liberties if you don't have life.
this is kind of an easy one.

also, there are millions of Americans that believe the Dept of Education is a complete waste and would gladly approve of it being abolished. (don't forget that Ron Paul was all about ending the Dept of Ed too.)

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Thanks, for your

perspective they are some good questions. I gave up on politics but here is a bump for those still in it.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."