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Sea lions washing up in S. California “Epidemic" proportions Center declares state of emergency

Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but keep an eye on this. Reports from California: “Something is going badly wrong offshore”

NBC News, March 16, 2013: Along Southern California’s pristine coastline, ailing sea lions are turning up in record numbers. “We have a lot of little pups this year,” said veterinarian Lauren Palmer. Usually, around this time of year, there might be a dozen sick sea lions in San Pedro, said David Bard, operations director for the San Pedro Marine Mammal Care Center. But so far, the care center has taken in nearly 200 and counting. Last week alone, there were 50 new cases. Last week, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach declared their organization in a “state of emergency” as it continues to see an onslaught of California sea lion pups in need of medical attention.


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So CA preistine coastline?

So CA coastline is artificial (sand trucked in) and grossly polluted. Sea lion are killed in a number of ways.. industry... those that use salt water for cooling systems.. huge props suck salt water to cool refinerys.. seal pod with young one come near that when it's operating, they will get sucked into the wire gate and drown.. poiusionous illegal dumping in the ocean by a chartered boat..

From Santa Barbara to Ensenada to Catalina.. there's nothing preistine about it..

Often Natural

This happens periodically with a red tide. I forget if it's algae or bacterial, but every few years this happens from some natural source.

Of course the rescue people need help (money), and so the call goes out.

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Massive over population

Since Nixon signed the Marine Mammal Act and Endangered Species Act Ever notice that whales and pinnipeds rarely washed up on beaches before then.

So very sad

Just makes me cry for all the losses going on in the world. The waters of the world, land being destroyed with GMO, spraying of our skies daily (they've been hitting it pretty hard over MT lately), chemicals for crops. Where's the EPA? All the people dying every day in all the ugly wars.
Once the 1% win; where are they going to plants their crops and get their fish & meat to eat?
For all the believers out there, a national prayer day for Peace and intervention to save our beautiful planet? March 31st would be good; a new beginning.

Just found one last night

My girlfriend and I were taking a walk last night with our dog in Port Hueneme (near Ventura) and found a stranded pup. Came back a few hours later and he was still there. Left a few voicemails on a few hotlines - hope some wild animal (or wild kid) doesn't make it to him first...

Sic Semper Tyrannus

bigmikedude's picture

It's called

Fukushima and probably the rest of the debris as well.

Can you imagine just how many cubic miles of pharmaceuticals, household and industrial chemicals were in all of those houses, garages, trucks, trains, cars, boats and industrial buildings?

Just think about it for a while.


contines to let nuclear waste water seep from under the melted cores into the ocean each day. They also are once again running out of containers to put dirty water into and plan on intentionally dumping another several million gallons directly into the sea next month. But why worry?...the radiation only has a 1/2 life of 5-10 thousand years.

Between the dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and Fukushima pouring nuclear waste into the ocean...we have really fcuked up our sea food. Of course monsanto and GMO's are doing for us on land what BP and Japan did to us in the ocean. :(

We all better

Be praying for back up.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Can't even

Imagine:( There are videos of all this but I couldn't bring myself to watch .

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

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I imagine, in water / salt water

and at cold high pressure depths, many of those hundreds of thousands of containers, auto and boat fuel tanks, etc, are probably only just beginning to finally breach and leak by now.