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To Do List for March - March Manifesto

Plan of Action
Many have waited for the system to collapse under its own weight, but it's clear that it can be sustained indefinitely by central banks and governments through the manipulation of currencies and markets. For this reason it's incumbent upon conscious people to act in a coordinated manner to break the bankers stranglehold on society. Beginning March 20, 2013 and lasting through the last day of spring, June 21, 2013, the following three actions will be carried out collectively. . .

Spring cleaning, so to speak :)

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perfect example of why were are hopelessly screwed

This is a good idea. Jubilee is a good idea. "Buy silver crash JP Morgan" was a good idea. "Show me the note" was a good idea. "United We Strike" is a good idea.
But it is not MY idea and I am a libertarian so I cannot POSSIBLY support someone else's idea, that would be collectivist of me. I mean look at your post, the last thing you say is you want people to do this "collectively." What you are, a socialist? (You can call it "sarcasm" but I think "disgust" is closer.)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.