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Win a Nano by sending 500 people to sterilization camp!

Bhopal, March 18: Want to buy a car? It's easy. Arrange 500 people for a sterilization camp and take home a brand-new Tata Nano car. This is allegedly happening in some parts of Madhya Pradesh, said a news report.

Promises of gold and refrigerators as prize are also being made if one can arrange for 50 or 25 people, respectively.

Government functionaries and middlemen have allegedly been given the task to bring more people for vasectomy and tubectomy. Allegations are made that unmarried, mentally challenged and poor people are being forced to go to these camps.

Read more at: http://news.oneindia.in/2013/03/18/mp-win-nano-by-sending-50...

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Check out this twist

being done in China as a response to the one child policy.

I digress a bit but it is an intresting look at how other countries handle propagation...besides tricking the populace to be sterilized.

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thanks for the link

That would be awkward

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This is not new, either.

The doctor who performed what turned out to be an unnecessary hysterectomy on me told me he learned the technique by going to India and doing hysterectomies on women for transistor radios. He thought it was funny, many of them did not even know what the hysterectomy or radio were, they just wanted the gadget.
"Medical Missions" are OFTEN a ruse to get new surgeons a place to practice where malpractice insurance is not a problem.

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Are things getting worse

or is it simply that the longer we live the more evil we hear about? Or that our communication makes these atrocities more public? All out war against the next generation of all mankind. Senseless, humanly speaking.