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Grand theft scheme designed to pay off the banksters by decimating private savings. How to protect yourself.

"When wealthy bankers and investment houses make bad decisions on derivatives debt, they will be "bailed out" by a combination of governments creating fiat currency and / or looting the bank accounts of private citizens.

The U.S. government, like every other government in the world, is like a cancer tumor in that it would rather kill the host than face death itself. There is no limit to the actions the U.S. government will take in an attempt to keep itself afloat, including confiscating private bank accounts, confiscating gold, demanding all gun owners turn in their guns or be arrested, and even confiscating large sectors of the economy such as the technology sector. Don't be surprised if the U.S. government seizes Google, for example, and then begins to censor the search results of all websites critical of the government.

All those in society who produce wealth will be told to hand over their wealth to the government. The billions of rounds of ammunition (and armored assault vehicles ordered by DHS) are to be used by the government to make sure the populace complies. Drones will also be used to kill any who resist by firing missiles at their homes or businesses. This is why Obama continues to claim the right to use drone strikes on U.S. soil to target "enemies" of America (meaning enemies of his regime).

How to protect yourself from government theft
As Cyprus clearly demonstrates, we are now entering the era of runaway government theft of private bank accounts. This is a warning sign of deep desperation, and it's a sign of things to come across the globe. The global debt pyramid is a fictional construct built on a house of cards, and it's going to come crashing down in a violent, desperate implosion that impacts every nation on the planet.

How can you protect yourself from this theft? Trade dollars for REAL things now, while you still can. Here's my list of real assets that are far more valuable than dollars, Euros or any other currency:

• Farm land with good topsoil and multiple water supplies (more valuable than gold!)
• Heirloom seeds
• Physical gold and silver (not held in a bank, obviously)
• Farm equipment such as tractors and farm implements
• Firearms and ammunition
• Home food production systems (aquaponics) - see these websites:

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/039522_Cyprus_government_looting_...

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Don't expect bank account seizures in the US.

Cyprus had to resort to stealing money because, as part of the Eurozone, they couldn't print it. The US government does not have that problem. If they want more money, they'll print more. Problem solved/can kicked down the road.

Confiscating bank accounts would destroy the banks. The bankers would object. And the bankers own the politicians. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

You Are Mistaken

The U.S. Government does not print money. The Federal Reserve does. They exchange FRNs for treasury securities. They retain the option of telling the U.S. Treasury "no thank you".

And the US Government retains the option

of abolishing the Federal Reserve and taking over the issuance of currency. The Government ALSO has the option of repudiating the debt "owed" to the Fed. Remember Ron Paul trying to get Treasury to exercise that option? Which is why the Fed keeps buying US debt that they KNOW can never be repaid, and why they will continue to do so. Paper isn't expensive. Refusing to comply with US Gov demands -- that would be fatal for the Fed.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Apparently, this list is for the Ted Turners of the world

Apparently, this list is for the Ted Turners of the world not for the rest of us normal humans. I have no farmland and neither do any of the other 99% of the people. I live in an anti-gun pro-eugenics tyranny (Connecticut). Silver is all I got left. And the Wall Street war criminals are playing with it like its a tired body ready for the firing squad.

In other words, try making another list!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

When they rob us all blind

and take all of our savings, etc., how will we pay bills, mortgages and the like? Paycheck to paycheck, I guess - IF we still have jobs.

OK - so we can not pay our mortgage or rent - where do we all go? FEMA camps? Not enough room for all of us. What is the point of destroying a country's infrastructure, etc.? How will THEY get their goods produced, food supplied, electricity manufactured, and whatever else requires Joe Blue-Collar's efforts?

I don't understand the desire to implode a whole nation - what will THEY gain if there are no grunts to keep it running? All of this does not happen in a vacuum. People have emotions and desires and just won't sit back like mindless drones and watch their lives disintegrate.

Has anybody else contemplated this?

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I dont think we are to the

I dont think we are to the point yet where they will dip into regular savings. I do think retirement accounts though as there has been talk about this and it wouldnt outrage people as much because they would be getting "compensation" in return.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Buy gold buy silver...

Buy gold, buy silver, buy food, buy guns and ammo. Buy solar and other things to make you independent and move toward being off the grid. Invest in your future and not let the government take your money thru inflation and confiscation. Get out of 401k plans no matter the penalty because that is the next thing that they will take like the so called lock box of social security. Don't wait until your money is worthless or taken by them. Hidden panels like these are a good idea also. http://tacticalwalls.com/product-category/bundles/


I'd agree with your

I'd agree with your statement, "Trade dollars for REAL things now"

But what is to stop the government from seizing farmland or forcing you to hand over the production of that farmland?

I think it would be more prudent to stock supplies for survival for up to a year or so, having some land to produce your own food would go a long way in helping in that survival. But I would just caution against buying too much land or investing heavily in it when it is even more likely to be seized by a renegade government. This is the type of thing that happens all over the world.

I'd think once you have supplies for surviving up to a year and some land to cultivate it would be more wise to convert your savings into precious metals and hide them well.

If everything blows over you'll still have that savings. If the government seizes your guns and your farm land and puts you in a labor camp, as long as that gold and silver is well hidden, if you survive and the world / US comes out of the dark ages, you or your children will still have that savings while everything else might be gone.

I agree. Your suggestions are right on.

Protect yourself on all levels. The article is by Mike Adams.

Bump!, hopefully others will see the value of this and

vote up and bump. Thanks for the tips.

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