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Dr. Carson at CPAC, I'm not really impressed. I think he might be a shill.

I'm not impressed with Dr Carson. If he is as intelligent as he is being made out to be, then he is purposely distracting us from the main issues at the root of our problems, like the fed. He never mentioned the fed, even in theory, instead he's pushing a fair tax and he talks big military. He's invoking God, not to highlight his position's congruence with scripture, but instead simply to achieve emotional bias which helps to place his presentation beyond the rational part of the audiences mind so they don't think critically about his message. In general I just find him vague, uninspiring, and his message does not seem to be grounded in a solid philosophy. He even praised the Rockefeller's, Ford's, and Carnegie's by name in his speech at CPAC as the pinnacle examples of what is good about America! (http://bit.ly/Ymbo62) I mean if the other things I mentioned are red flags, this one ought to be a big red flashing siren!

I think he's a shill to be honest. I might be wrong, but his message feels manufactured to me, particularly the flat tax he is pushing. My tinfoil hat is also suspect of 30 minute speeches at prayer breakfasts that are really not all that impressive and all of the sudden go "viral". I think promoted or pushed is a better term than viral. As far as powerful speeches at prayer breakfasts go, Eric Metaxas' speech was much more powerful (http://youtu.be/jotOExbddI4), however it is not going viral, because he is not being pushed as the conservative Obama, oh and also because it is a 30 minute speech at a prayer breakfast.

Having interaction with many specialized MD's in my profession, I also have about a 90% certainty that this guy is an egomaniac bordering on psychopathy, you almost have to be in order to numb yourself to the natural empathetic impulses that would scare the crap out of most people if they attempted to cut into the skull and brain on another human being, even if you knew what you were doing.

I'm not knocking these specialized professions per se, but I do realize that it takes a special kind of person to be able to put someone else's life in your hands like that, and unfortunately that "special" may have it's roots in a psychopathic inability to empathize with the patient. That may be a great and necessary trait for a brain surgeon, but probably not so good for a statesman.

I'd just be careful about anyone that a typical neocon gets excited about, remember they are mainly responding to their own mental preconditioning that triggers on emotionally charged key words in his presentation. I use the excitement level of typical neocons as a propaganda detector, it generally works pretty good.

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He is the Spore in the ointment! Lol! This is the

Hitlery Bomb Master. This is the PAWN to make sure Ms. Clinton continues the BUSH< CLINTON< BUSH< CLINTON legacy. Doesn't matter they threw in a communist in the mix just to keep things the SAME!

Carson IS the HOLE CARD for TPTB. It is what he was brought up for! Sad thing is the STUPID REPUBLICANS will fall for it Hook line and SINKER!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Has he ever uttered the words "Ron Paul"????

I've only been aware of Dr. Carson since his "encounter" with Obomba, so there's much still to learn about him. Has anyone heard him mention Dr. Paul, or offer an opinion about him? He was asked (by Beck, I believe)if he was impressed by any specific politicians, and he refused to answer. Clearly if he was impressed by Ron Paul he should have offered that right up. He didn't do that, so I'm thinking he might be one of these Ted Cruz types, saying all the right things on domestic issues, while being a Zionist warmonger puppet above all else.

Excellent post!

You raised some interesting points. The idea that a surgeon is likely to be lacking empathy is something I never considered, but it makes sense (though seemingly counter-intuitive).

Carson does not have any root in philosophical thinking when it comes to politics. That became clear when he supported gun control/confiscation.

The idea that he is proposing a "fair" tax reminds me of Herman Cain, who I say was a trial balloon for a VAT.

Anyway, great post.

Also, saw your post below regarding compromise.

Ayn Rand said, "Any compromise between food and poison, only poison wins."

It is fine to compromise when there is agreement in principle but a disagreement in detail. But any compromise in principle is a loss of principle, not a win.

If I want to reduce spending 100% and you say no, that's too drastic, you think we should cut it by 10%. We can compromise by cutting 20%. I'm not thrilled, but we are moving in the right direction.

But if you trick me into "cutting" 20% of the scheduled increase so that spending actually goes UP, then I have violated my principles (and in that case, fallen for your tricks).

This is what the liberty defenders must insist upon: No more compromise of principles!

And from what I can tell, Ben Carson seems to be just that.


Thanks, and I agree on your points about compromise. I don't believe in the concept of compromise I prefer the idea of coalition, where people who disagree on the ends can come together to accomplish mutually beneficial means without each compromising principle at all.

Ron Paul taught me that.

Not everyone is part of a

Not everyone is part of a damn grand conspiracy. Some people just believe what they believe.. everyone you disagree with is part of the "elite" or some shill to promote some global conspiracy? Even Ron Paul never believed that..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


I never mentioned anything about a conspiracy, much less a global one. That is the very definition of a Straw Man Fallacy. Whether or not you take criticism of this guy personally, I care not.

Have you ever listened to Sean Hannity? Rush Limaugh? Ever seen those Conan skits showing every local news station with the exact same lead-in of a story? I've been involved since early '07, and I can easily point out examples of the GOP tacticians at work (Tea Party anyone?).

Whenever anything is pushed through the media complex like this (especially with Sean InsHannity and Rush Limburger involved), you can almost be assured it is not coincidental. That is all I was saying. They are very good at this stuff, obviously.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Not everyone is part of a

Not everyone is part of a conspiracy, correct. However, out of all the people on earth with messages, we should probably give much closer scrutiny to those people who are being promoted in the media, who are gravitating toward key points of political power, and whose message may be serving as a course correcter to keep people's minds busy on peripheral topics. Dr. Carson and his message fit that bill.

Thank You!

I thought so from the beginning. His breakfast speech happened the same week the Neocon talking heads were making the "minority" approach the topic of the day.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

I cannot take anyone

I cannot take anyone seriously who thinks our Constitutional rights end just because of a high population density in a given geographical area.

I agree.

I agree.

Maybe I'm way off on this...

But something about him reminds me of Newt Gingrich. It's like he enjoys the sound of his own voice a little too much. Maybe that's just the way all highly educated people come across to my poor ass. Never got that impression from good ol' doctor Paul, such a humble man. Anyways, I too am suspicious of this man. It's just strange that all of the sudden he's popping up everywhere. I think the questions I would like answered are, what are his views on foreign policy, the military industrial complex, the drug war, and the FED? My guess is he's just your typical establishment politician when it comes to these issues. So why are some people around here so taken up with this guy when all he's done so far is give a couple good speeches?

Q. "So why are some people

Q. "So why are some people around here so taken up with this guy when all he's done so far is give a couple good speeches?"

A. Because that's the current programming.

I'm taken with "this guy"

I'm taken with "this guy" because he is NOT an insider. He is too busy being a brain surgeon to follow all the conspiracy theories. The fact that he is NOT a politician but is giving us his views as he sees it is OK. He is NOT a big shot lawyer who knows how to manipulate the jury (us). He may have been naive politically to take on Obama at the prayer breakfast but he did so in good "faith" and God knows someone has to do it. He struck me as un-intimidatable. He is on the side of "right" and it feels good. I think his policies are more in line with Ron Paul's views than any other candidate. He is unifying in his outlook for all...and hardly in any imagination is he comparable to a Gingrich.


This guy really didn't have any "Good" ideas about much. I saw through this crap on day 1 when it "Went Viral"... oooh look at this guy giving the hard "truth" to Obama... he must be held up high with praise.


This guy may be a great Brain Surgeon and very smart at what he does... but,

It doesn't take a Brain Surgeon to know that Economics he knows NOT. His policies are Socialist Big Government Ideas.

"I think his policies are more in line with Ron Paul's views than any other candidate"

... How?

Doctor Carson seems to me the Answer to a question that the old guard wishes we were still asking.

I like to think we are past people like this.

Victor Escobar

Dr. Ben Carson has a message

Dr. Ben Carson has a message that fits the conservative base. I don't understand how you think he's a "socialist" He believes, according to his speech at CPAC that all should be held accountable. He does not believe in entitlements. Dr. Ron Paul believes in no taxation. Dr. Carson offers a compromise of 10% proportionality (similar to tithing) with no loop holes. I can live with that if that's the line drawn to get a budget.. He strikes me as a problem solver without the baggage of the 9-9-9 guy. He denounces big gov't at the federal level. He reveres the constitution and can deliver his message without rancour and uphold the system which he believes is meant to thwart easy succession of endless new laws. It would be interesting to know how Ron Paul feels about him. His credentials are genuine and his background is impeccable. From a pragmatic point of view. Obama as the first "black" president leaves a very sour taste with millions of American voters. This man MAY HAVE the capability to unite where Obama has failed...give black americans a genuine sense of achievement and esteem. Carson strikes me as a principled man of God, educated, intelligent, and willing, everything Obama is not. What more could you want?


Why would Obama have that guy at his dinner to speak?

He's a Democrat riding on the Hannity FOX love

He all of a sudden becomes this Mr. Conservative when he gets a little bit of love and attention from FOX News and other GOP pundits. Now his ego is telling him he could be president.

And more proof he's a Democrat

Go back to the speech that made him famous and watch. While Obama is sitting there scowling, notice Moochelle. She is sitting there and smiling big and clapping for everything he says. She didn't care what he was saying, all she knew was he is a fellow Democrat and she is happy to applaud anything he has to say.

Yeah but did you see him rip Obama a new one, to his face?

Just kidding, You make some really good points!

Unfortunately some, even around here, totally buy into these people because of those key words.

Reminds me of Ron Paul

Ron Paul doesn't talk poorly about his opponates. He always highlights what he agrees with them on.

BC splashed on the stage.. an intelligent credentialed attractive appealing manner.. humor, common sense.. like a prescription to a sick public.. here comes another doctor to the rescue.... so brave to say all this to Obama who snubbed the good doctor.. the arrogance.. sigh..... what a drama we all watched BC's rising star: Is it a wacko-bird, is it a drone, is it SUPER anything?

Of course many had their doubts.. smelled something through the ether of the computer screen at least 13 minutes into the lunch with Obama. And then the second amendment shoe dropped, and now this.. and so for the Liberty Movement, it's over with BC.. but that does not mean he should be drowned out.. rather, what he says that one agrees with.. like Ron Paul.. promote what issues you like BC is saying.. he's a messanger and enforce that which is good, and admit what you don't like with a shrug.. breiff.. give a little snear.. but be generally perky because you want to get back to keeping the conversation not on the personality, but what issues you agree.

Don't shoot the messanger.. take what you need to promote Liberty.

I won't shoot the messenger

I won't shoot the messenger (that would violate the NAP), but I'm not going to vote for him for president either, or allow him to be used to water down other issues, such as the 2nd amendment issue and the Fed.

I've gotten to the point where I'm only for coalitions when the establishment wants to join our cause, but I'm not going to support them on anything, they are not trustworthy. Every time I've given a little on the promise of an establishment person helping one of our issues, or being "friendly" or "fair", we've ended up getting burned.

right on fiodax


I thought

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's speech was more powerful, it's unbelievable to me they'd have him speak at the prayer breakfast.

Ben Carson is soft spoken, intelligent, and seems to be full of common sense on the surface, but it's obvious he's ignorant on the actual machinations of this country. That, and his stance on the second amendment disqualify him as someone worthy of listening to and supporting.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

He keeps taking about common

He keeps taking about common sense, and why cant we all just get along too. >. >