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Forget taxes, let's talk about our "tax experts". And jail.

A few posts over the weekend indicated a trend of "tax experts" and calls for "tax resistance". And I'll state this plainly at the outset:

Some of us have heard these "methods" swirling around for years and we've seen people jailed for them quite regularly over these same years.

Let's consider the case of that old guy we've all heard about who defeated a driving citation using a constitutional 40 years ago. Do you know his name? What state he was driving in? Don't feel bad, almost nobody else does. Know how many people have tried that defence since then? Let's just guess a couple MILLION. Know how many of us have won using these arguments since then?

Now let's consider some of the other arguments all at once: sovereign citizens, contract law, the old "admiralty law" thing and ALL jurisdictional arguments, the obscure references to Blacks and the gossamer-thin and mystical game of "legal definitions". Just roll them into one huge ball. And ask yourself how smart you are.

Because we've never won a case that didn't have a jury we could swing and we've never won in a court of precedent. So while a few lucky ones like Joe Bannister (nearly) walked (his career and finances were destroyed), some of our real heavies, some of our greats, Irwin Schiff himself (Peter's dad) and Sherry Peel Jackson have done cold, hard jail time. Irwin is still there, in failing health and it looks like the state intends to keep him there until the day he dies.

These two people had the support, they had the resources to put up a fight, they had established and upstanding reputations and they are both almost frighteningly smart. And they got trounced and went to jail.

I also noticed one of those perennial calls for "critical mass" in tax resistance.

"We need critical mass for tax resistance." Uh yeah that would be very helpful but people talk about it like it's something we can go shopping for.

Husband: Honey?
Wife: What?
Husband: Can you get me critical mass next time you are at the store?
Wife: I just baked you a pie, you have enough critical mass.

Discussions of critical mass are fine as long as you remember we have a maximum potential of roughly 50%. Roughly 50% of people are in the "government is fine or I don't care" category, they are happy with how things are for the most part and they support the status quo. Half of the remainder are leftists. Those of us willing to contemplate hard line resistance, well allow me to tell you this:

They'll happily keep building jails, we'll become a commodity and states will bid on the opportunity to incarcerate us. We'll become our own little economic stimulus engine for the prison-industrial complex. Now I'm not suggesting they will send us thank-you notes and Christmas cards but trust me, that would make certain people deeply happy and profoundly grateful. Grateful as Al Capone was upon prohibition or perhaps the gratitude of an overweight and undisciplined child who falls asleep under a counter and awakens to find themselves locked inside a fudge shop.

Or my old buddy Seamus who did in fact fall asleep in a bar to awaken to find it closed and himself locked in. Freaking Seamus, what a hoot he was. "Seamus what did you do?" I asked. He said "well smudge, I made muself a drink". It truly did occur to me that to lock an Irishman INSIDE of a bar might be the only way to truly keep them incarcerated.

The rest of us might do well not to count on the "luck o' the Irish" when it comes to fighting Uncle Sam over his candy. And "critical mass" is not yet available in stores.

Some of you are ready to fight. Are you ready to lose?

Because believe me right now, believe me as of this moment that no matter how much mass or support or logic or interest you think you have, at one point in all this you are gonna be alone. All alone. Just you in a very massive system that's designed to grind you down and destroy you and it literally has THE REST OF YOUR LIFE to do it.

Note that I didn't get into right or wrong or telling you what to do. I just wanted to put this out especially for you young people. I want you to consider the above, pick and chose your fights wisely and remember TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

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I seem to recall recently hearing that...

Federal employees which included some IRS agents that are not paying their federal income tax. In the case of the IRS agents; I suspect it is general knowledge that the 16th admendment was not successfully ratified and thus no tax is required to the federal government. What do you all think? Or is there a way of legally processing paperwork to advantagely not have to pay federal income tax that the IRS agents know about.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

So boycott the system. 50% of

So boycott the system.

50% of the people don't produce anything, they work for the government.

25% of the people are leftist, and think they are entitled not to work.

That leaves everyone else who is working.

Don't fight the system. Simply don't trade with anyone who isn't liberty minded. We're large enough to be our own market, our own self sustaining community, and no one has to to trade or interact with people they don't like.

That leaves 75% of the people with no one to leach off of if everyone walks.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Currently fighting the credit card companies 1099C...

First a couple of letters to credit card companies to withdraw or greatly reduce amount since they did not use their own assets to loan me the money and thus not entitled to interest and late fees.

Not sure what to do next if this fails to get results.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Now if I might surmise again....Ghost Shirts.


I have heard this before. His name was Wo-Wo-Ka.

The times were more desperate than the people had ever known, they were penned in, there was no food, the women and children were dying in numbers and each night and each day was filled with the sound of our people crying. But most of the warriors had gone out to battle and been defeated, their blood was getting covered over by snow, there were a few warriors but most of these followed the Way Of Peace and Black Kettle and these remaining finally cast off their cloaks and listened to one skinny old man wrapped in a tattered buffalo robe as he shouted his new medicine.

He had been given a vision, you see, from Wakan Tunka, the Great Spirit that if we put on the markings of this shirt, this Ghost Shirt then we would be protected from Wasi (white face) bullets and we could save the people.

And the remianing warriors were encouraged and life came back into their faces and they shouted HOKA HEY! and they put on the Ghost Shirts and prayed and they went into battle.

And they got mowed down so fast...

"They" had us pinned down not only by rifles and light field pieces (howitzers) but a new and deadly gun called Gattling. And they mowed down our women and children and chased down the surivors on horse back except for a very few who escaped.

Now would you believe that one of those who escaped was none other than Wo-Wo-Ka himself?

Well you should because it's true and know what happened to Wo-Wo-Ka then?

I am told they ripped him limb from limb, they pulled the eyes from his face, they yanked the tongue out of his mouth, they cut him into pieces and then they cut the pieces of the pieces into pieces and then they cut the pieces of the pieces of the pieces into pieces and then they covered what was left with dirt and pissed on him and reviled his ancestors.

Bet you never heard that part of the story before. All you heard was this mystic order of Ghost Shirts. Well guess what? It's not your fault. Because this is the part they didn't teach you in school. Know why?

You only learn this in our school.

Wo-Wo-Ka was a man, this much we know. He was a man who had a vision, this we also know. But what we walked away with is this man's vision was not at all helpful to us at the time. And thus did a potentially great leader become known to us as one of the biggest idiots of all time.


Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

What Willy said.

Willy, his cousin said he has such dreamy eyes.
He must be a mystic or someone artistic you realize.

Willy you gotta come and understand.
You never heard words like yer gonna her from this man.
He has the total plan!
He says words of life and and he makes walking of lame.
And we should all follow him! That's what he says.

Willy you really have to come and there ain't much time.
Evil and sickness it comes with a quickness, save yours and mine.
Then end is in our next breath Willy it's a small price to pay.

Cousin go play was all that Willy said.

WILLY! His cousin shouted, he was fighting tears.
You don't understand, we can't help you man,

The beasts are half-starved, WILLY THEY WILL PICK YOUR BONES.

Cousin go home was all that Willy said.

(the above was ripped off I think from Michael Kelly Blanchard, if anyone has the original please share.)

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Just getting started CHRISTIANS HEAR MY CALL!


Does not scripture instruct us to "count the cost"?

Count the cost of salvation. The cost is high. It's said to take everything we have, even our lives.

Is this not true according to Gospel Christians?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

i had a comment for this post...

but it had a life of its own, so i put it here..

Think for yourself......Question authority...

Concerning all the

Concerning all the Sovereignty and UCC stuff....

Considering what is at stake....each and every one of us who are even partially awake to WTF is really goin' on has to decide for him/her self what steps we are willing to take.

I have read everything I could find concerning sovereignty... both of Badnarik's books (the new one is pretty good), all of the FMOTL stuff, the Croft book, the Preamble as a Trust instrument stuff (the last outpost), i mean seriously, it goes on and on... and some of it is very compelling.

At the same time, some of it seems to be quite a stretch, if being sovereign (and not under any jurisdiction except for common law) is what some of those guys (writing all of those articles) really believe is the way to go... then how can you turn right around on the same damn blog and get into filing a UCC-1 FS to take 'possession' of your strawman... if you're above their game, the why the heck would you turn around and try to play their game again?

Sounds like an easy way to get all the stupid sobs who need to be rounded up to drop their name in the hat voluntarily....

I am far from an expert, but Ive been over it multiple times.. Ive emailed folks who are supposed to be very knowledgeable about it all(Adask), and asked a simple question, to find that they don't even know all that much.... no actually he side-stepped my question completely... and said a whole lot of nothing....

I wouldn't discourage anyone, ever, from acting according to what they can reason for themselves. the brass tacks of the matter is that every single case will have a different result. you may walk in there and get sh|t dismissed right before i walk in there and get my &ss handed to me... but one thing is for damn sure... they will NEVER let any precedent be set if anyone in there is on the right track... period! because it would open the floodgates.

I just want to be LEFT THE F#CK ALONE, but it doesn't look like ANYBODY will have that
luxury as this thing slowly comes apart... if you haven't read the Creature from Jekyll Island, I encourage you to. NOW.. it isn't just the same material as End the FED... Griffin also gets into the international aspects of it all (WorldBank/IMF/BIS), what has already transpired as well as what we have to look forward to... and if you doubt the 'conspiracy theory' of a ruling elite establishing a global government then your eyes are truly closed or you're a moron.

this sh#t is going to continue to move forward... that's all there is to it.... and anyone who thinks things can be fixed from inside the system needs to ask Kennedy how that worked out for him... they worked too long and hard to establish this pure fiat... give the people a sound silver currency? yea right... he signed his own death warrant when he signed that executive order.

what i dont like here lately is that quite a few of the people that folks still get their hope from seem to me like wolves in sheeps clothing... otherwise known as controlled opposition....

Alex rails all day that '911 was an inside job'... and so many people just waking up listen to him religiously,but he wont interview Alan Sabrosky who was Director of Studies for the Army War College for 5 years... because of what he has to say...

even David Icke will lay the blame where it is deserved...

all the dem/lefties that were wiggin out over war and torture when bush was eye-hole deep in it shut the f#ckup when their manchurian candidate won and then went even
further than bush had... they were all brought back into the fold quite nicely...

and as much as i hate to say it.. Rand already stabbed us all in the heart when he went Mitt.. riding the fence... gonna' change it from inside the establishment my @ss... i think i covered that already...

so in 2016 if he leads all the liberty minded people back into the fold of the GOP, and then has to sit there and do WTF he is told or else.... THEN WHAT?

what does Lew Rockwell say about voting? Dr. Paul swears by him, but Lew says quit voting, you're just playing their game. it cant be changed from the inside!


... ...

Think for yourself......Question authority...

Seems to me, Smudge Pot,

your article/rant appears to be based on the false premise that courts actually hear arguments and render justice. Not so. I've followed the "tax movement" for years. I even knew some of the principles who are now sitting in jail/prison. From the sidelines I watched as the movement got started and many were going directly to jail. Then after people began to figure the law/statutues/courts out there were more and more wins until nearly every case was being won. Then the not too unexpected thing occurred; all cases were all of a sudden being lost right out the chute. That's about the time the IRS came out with its infamous hit list of 40 top "tax freedom enemies". All the people I knew or knew of that were on that list were quickly put in jail or deaded. The System has a good thing (for them) - a massive juicy stream of easy pickings and they are not going to give it up just because of the law/statutes/courts. They will do, and have done, anything necessary to protect that fat hind teat. What to fix this? Maybe shutting down the FED and IRS. How to do that? I have no idea. As for myself I've stepped away from all that patiently waiting for the country to wake up.

Allow me to respond to the parts I DON'T agree with.

First of all, hello if we haven't met before.

Next, RANT? I'm gonna take a guess and say you've never actually seen me rant before. I do occasionally rant and the style is somewhat different. This is my armchair dude with a pipe in a smoking jacket style.

Next, my article didn't elaborate upon but implied the fact that the courts simply throw out our arguments without consideration and the least of all things I meant to imply is that these courts are in any way, shape or form any reflection of anything you or I or anybody here can identify as "justice".

Not only that but if you thought that's what I am asserting I CONVICT YOU for not immediately gathering all true patriots to dispatch yourselves to this location forthwith, here to tar, feather and string me up before our whole community.

Does that suffice? And your snifter is empty. Never fear, I shall ring for help.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Why do you make the assumption that

you will have to go to court?

implied the fact that the courts simply throw out our arguments without consideration

The overwhelming majority of IRS "cases" are won from the mailbox. Do an administrative process. Create your record. Then if they ever want to bring you into a court you can simply show up to say:

Your honor, this matter is still in mediation. I have attempted to get some simple questions answered via the mail yet they have neglected to answer any of my three correspondences. They have already agreed by their silence that I do not owe any taxes so I do not know why we are here today?

Obviously you would set-up the ability to say this in your correspondence with the IRS. NEVER speak to the IRS if you don't know the language. Instead always make them "put it in writing" and if they do not want to - be PROACTIVE - get their identification and send your correspondence directly to that agent detailing the time they called, the threats they made and are any of those threats LAWFUL.

DO NOT IGNORE MAIL FROM ANY CORPORATION - INCLUDING THE IRS. You have to respond - this is where EVERYONE gets into hot water with the IRS.

I don't Vince, my presumption is they kill people like me.

And they kill people like you.

Guess that gives us something in common eh?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

"Armchair Dude"

You're killing me.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

The only way is jury

The only way is jury nullification.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.

Don't always listen to Vince.

he's convinced there's only one way to do things.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.


Then you are dependent on 12 other people to defend your rights. Handle it from the mailbox. Don't ignore correspondence. Don't wait for the summons from the court and if you do get one you can also give this a try:

18 USC 1342

Public officials must address you by your "Proper Name" (upper and lower case) or it's fraud.

Keep an eye on the court docket (really it shouldn't have even gone this far if you were dealing with it from the first letter) to make sure the hearing is removed from the record.

If it isn't - you MUST show up and defend your rights.

The only's worked so far kinda.

Yeah when we win it's because defence managed to place the case in terms of "did this person willingly and knowingly and IN BAD FAITH violate the law?"

And in several notable cases juries found that no, these people BELIEVED they were acting in good faith and with NO INTENT to violate the law.

Victories? Perhaps to the extent that the individual activist doesn't suffer prolonged privation and captivity but these do not challenge the law itself and result in no JUDICIAL PRECEDENT.

And neither will nullification. Understand the subtlety here: even if nullification becomes widespread:

1. the repugnant law remains on the books.

2. many trials, depending on that old "jurisdictional" hangup will never see jury but will be "procedural trials".

3. they still got the guns.

you can at least see that nullification is a PARTIAL SOLUTION. And yes, it really is a kickass partial solution but it remains so.

Parting note: our strength so far isn't ever THE SOLUTION, what we do it TRY ALL SOLUTIONS ALL THE TIME. And sometimes one works and we go with it and that's a lot of why and where we're successful.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Any other elders? Or youngers besides Vince?

Wanna weigh in?

For it would be rather disingenuous of me and Vince not to disclose that we have a back-channel of communication going and this sort of banter for us is normal.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

...and another thing.

Every DIME you pay in taxes is invested in a BOMB to KILL people. If you're not prepared to (worst case) go to jail to save lives then you are IN THE WRONG MOVEMENT.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

You penetrated with one shot Vince.

You really have to work on your delivery but you got one shot through:

Fear. Let's talk about it. Am I selling it? You seem to posit that I am and you also suggest that to not take direct action along these lines is capitulating to same. Fair enough summary?

Well as you suggest, people are already afraid, WHY DO WE THINK THEY PAY TAXES? They got a gun to their heads, that's half our point.

I'm in the business of explaining what they are afraid of. I been to jail for our beliefs young bro. I'd rate my chances high I'll end up there again. Am I afraid? Well yeah, if you been there you would be too. Am I afraid enough to capitulate? Let's just say not yet. Not so far.

Consider the example of us preppers. Or metal heads. Are we selling fear or the reassurance of preparedness and self reliance? Are we selling confidence or doubt? Are we selling weakness or strength?

Selling weapons is part of accepted preparedness culture. What I am telling you POINT BLANK is that there are people out there selling DEFECTIVE WEAPONS.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

All this post does

is perpetuate the fear.

Yea. They can prosecute me.

They can prosecute me. They can convict me. They can jail me.

“...taxes are not raised to carry on wars, but that wars are raised to carry on taxes”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man

You just don't get it smudge.

EVERYTHING IS ILLEGAL but almost EVERYTHING is lawful. Everyone here who continues to promote these politicians are lending that fraudulent system credibility.


Yeah like anybody has ever seen one.

Everybody knows the constitution is rotted old parchment in a shoebox in some dusty underground trove protected by faceless and putty like men who have never seen sunlight Vince, get real.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Get real?

Okay how about people like you that think the constitution has these awesome powers.. this PIECE OF PAPER is going to jump up (it's also bullet proof btw) and get between you and anyone who's attempting to violate your rights?

You know how many times I've heard "the constitution doesn't even work" from the SHEEP herd? The consitution is a PIECE OF PAPER... it can't get up.. it can't sit down it won't even MOVE unless you physically do something to move it.

It can't "work" it can't "play" it can't sing or dance... it is JUST A PIECE OF PAPER. When was the last time any piece of paper did any of these things smudge? It's YOUR JOB > as one of "we the people" to ENFORCE the constitution. You are the "parent" and the government is "your children" and the rules are written down for them but you think CHILDREN will abide by rules WITHOUT ANY ENFORCEMENT.

BARflies have a VESTED INTEREST IN NOT ENFORCING IT. It's up to US it's up to WE THE PEOPLE MAN....! As for your "critical mass" how much support did Ron Paul have and how many people actually voted for either RP or GJ?

I would say that number is close to 2%.

My children can't wait for your critical mass to happen.

Here's what you're supposed to do...

you're supposed to just SIT THERE do not do ANYTHING about rights violations whatsoever... except get one of their complicit BARflies to send you down the river.

THE ONLY POSSIBLE PRAYER YOU HAVE IN THE WORLD is that day ... that one day every two years when you begrudgingly stroll down to the ballot box... after raising lots and lots of money for this or that BARFLY (usually) politician.

That's your one "acceptable" form of resistance. The electronic easily hackable voting machine where the votes are counted in Israel.

Hey smudge

take your fear and go hide under your bed man.

I'm so tired of hearing people "warning" others about "getting involved" in this or that because they might go to JAIL. The system is CORRUPT - > ALL OVER - > While the SHEEP keep watching all the politicans PANDER TO BANKSTER and steal their money.

Those people usually are COMPLETELY IGNORANT of the topic they are warning people about. All they know is someone tried to fight that particular system and went to prison for it. That's why you shouldn't do it. So tell me smudge... the only thing we need to be asking these people is: Will you JAIL me for this?

If they say YES - > Then we can't do it.

THEN they IGNORE the SHERIFF getting millions of dollars to beef up their SWAT teams so they can raid homes one after the other. I'm sick of this STENCH of fear from people who claim to be part of the "revolution" give me a break man.

If you ever get a call from the IRS -> Ask them if they are bound by Title 26 -> They will say YES -> Then tell them to go look up 26 USC 7806 and give you a call back if they still think they need to.

JAIL JAIL JAIL -> That's why you can't assert your RIGHTS -> Because you'll go to JAIL and get RAPPED by BIG BUBBA so you just KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN SLAVE -> DO NOT ASSERT YOUR RIGHTS or you will get a WHIPPIN BOY!

All the while people do not realize that they are ALREADY IN JAIL -> there are just a few more amenities, accommodations and you pay the rent on your own cell.

And now an object lesson in "counting the cost" of one's actions

Did I remotely suspect upon posting this that I'd have Vinceable to deal with?


However as stated I'm responding to a DETECTABLE TREND over this weekend's posts. This was not direct fire at Vince. Or it wasn't until Vince had to go and PERSONALIZE this debate. And so he's drawn his sloop alongside my Man O War and as you see he's run out his guns and fired broadside. And then he had time to reload and fire again.

Tactically I should return fire right? Perhaps but strategically I want the rest of his fleet to assemble. So I'll stall for time.


Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

How ironic...

That you would post this and then call yourself "imperial majesty" smudge. Personalize? Yeah... because it's people like you that might as well be on the GOVERNMENT PAYROLL because you do SUCH A GREAT JOB OF KEEPING THE PEOPLE DOWN.

How the HELL do you expect CRITICAL mass to ever come about when you are ACTIVELY WORKING AGAINST IT?

I did withhold some information.

I know what you really want to know.

You want to know what became of Seamus locked inside of the bar.

So after a few wake-up drinks Seamus began to reflect on his good fortune and the possible downside that when discovered he might be considered a criminal. So being the fine upstanding citizen he is, he called the cops and tried to explain the situation in thick drunken Irish. How they found him, they must have used the 911 location feature to find him because I can imagine him shouting "which bar? it's a fookin bar, they all look the seeaaaaaaam!".

At any rate they ultimately find him by peeking in the windows and there's Seamus seated at the bar toasting them. And it's raining outside. And they are shouting at him, trying to get him to find a key or jimmy with the lock and he's shouting "it's no use, I done all I can". Typical Irishman, utterly resigned to his fate to suffer life as stoically as possible while seated on a bar stool. So the cops call the owner but the owner doesn't have they key, the manager has the key and like everybody in the bar/restaurant scene in that town, he's up to his ears in a hot tub full of blow and fast women. He doesn't want to be found by anybody and especially not his boss or uniformed cops. Oh no way nope uh-uh.

So there's the cops, the owner out in the rain and Seamus seated inside at the bar in serene comfort slogging down top shelf booze and watching them as though they are a very large television created for his own amusement.

Sadly, a locksmith was eventually called which put an end to Seamus' Dream Night Out but the owner, in recognition of the fact that Seamus didn't call up half the expat Irish Republican Army to clear the place entirely, pressed no charges and let Seamus off one mythic epic bar tab.

The only one that tells this story better than me is Seamus himself because the Irish have this knack of explaining total calamity like it's just such a part of every day life and stuff like this for Seamus truly was. Plus Seamus came with that other great Irish trait: absolute 100% never-let-you-down LOYALTY. That and his sense of humour made him a favourite wherever he went.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.